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Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Ah, college. The “almost but not yet” period of adulthood. We, as students, are a walking contradiction- excited to leave home but terrified of responsibility, obsessed with learning but pummeled by the workload, surrounded by acquaintences but close friends are hard to come by.

You hear the word “community” a lot at JBU. It’s integral to who we are. The meaning of this word never meant so much to me as it does living in Siloam. My first few months at JBU caused a rollercoaster of emotions within me. My days are filled with studying, sleeping, and socializing- in that order.

The best way to sum up my academic experience is a quote a friend of mine tweeted: “In college, any “free time” you have is just you procrastinating”. And what a true statement that is. I am consumed by my studies- a never ending routine of syllabi, papers, and midnights on the Walker balcony. This seems like a bad thing until you take into account how much I stinkin’ LOVE my classes. My professors are beyond intelligent and interested in their material which makes it so much fun stepping into the classroom and attempting coursework.

Aside from studying, I don’t do much. I live in Hutcheson Hall (Rm. 104, come say hello) which is quickly becoming my favorite place on campus. Not only is it my home but it’s also my friends’ home. We share life together here, from early Saturday brunches to late night movie marathons. Jayne is my roommate and she makes life spontaneous and full. We have cultivated a relationship that is easygoing with mutual dependence. Never in my wildest dreams did I think having a roommate would be this fun and fruitful.

It’s easy to spot a Hutch resident. A carefree personality, a modge-podge of talent, and killer calves are the most notable distinctions between us and the rest of campus. My floor is full of weirdos- with typewriters and too many opinions. We are the people you road trip with because we know the greatest albums and places to get grub (Modern Baseball and Rolando’s, respectively). Jesus is forever and always at the center of Hutch life. I wake up to my suitemates drinking tea and reading the Word. Worship nights are frequent and lengthy. It is not uncommon to run into each other’s arms, screaming about His majesty. Hutch is my home base. I love living here.

Though college is fun and full of adventure, there are just as many stressful and difficult times. I wasn’t expecting these challenges 6 months ago, but I also wasn’t expecting the incredible support system walking with me through it all. I’ve been here for just 50 days and can confidently say that Hutch is home. The community here is one that upholds its residents to excellence while accepting imperfection without judgement. I don’t know where my Jesus will take me during my time at JBU but I know I won’t be alone. My Hutch family knows me, loves me, and cares for me- all while bearing the Father’s name. I can’t imagine JBU without this community of people. How lucky am I to be apart of it?

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