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September - Just Getting Started

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

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September is a month of extreme transition for all JBU students but especially for our new students.  As parents adjust to life being different with their son or daughter away at college, their son or daughter is experiencing many more adjustments as they adapt to life at JBU.  Everything inside and outside the classroom likely feels new and different.  Most upperclassmen experience transitions that are internal as they consider their career path, grow in their identity, and mature as young adults.  However, for new students, most of their transitions are external as they simply try to work through what life looks like in a new place.  Here is a sample of what your son or daughter could be experiencing a month into the school year.

  • Syllabus shock
  • First round of exams
  • Turning in their first essays
  • Parents not around to tell them to go to bed or get out of bed
  • Anxiety about roommate situation, professors, classes, etc.
  • Some level of homesickness or loneliness
  • Questioning the study habits developed in high school
  • Honeymoon stage of college coming to an end

Here are some examples of questions that might be supportive and appropriate at this point in the academic year.

  1. Do you feel like you’ve made any potential friends during this first month?
  2. Do you understand what it’s going to take to do well in each of your classes?
  3. Is your room going to be a place where you feel comfortable and a good place to study?
  4. What are some adjustments you’re going to need to make in your study habits to do well in your courses?

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