What is The Beanie Blog???

About the name - We know, we know...The Beanie Blog is a strange name!  Did you know new JBU students wore beanies upon arrival way back in the 60's?  We enjoy that it is a part of our history and that it can remain just that...HISTORY!!  Here is some blurry proof!!


About the blog - We hope this blog serves as a helpful resource for you as parents of first-year students.  The first year is full of transitions as students adapt to a new place, new people, and new experiences.  There are often very high highs and low lows that characterize the year as students get used to life at JBU.  We also understand that it is also a transition for you to have your son or daughter no longer at home.  Perhaps parenting your son or daughter well will look different now that they are a college student.  This blog will hopefully help you better understand what first-year students at JBU are experiencing at various points of the year and from various perspectives as contributors (first-year students, upperclassmen, faculty/staff) share their thoughts.  Our hope is that this will help you be able to support your son or daughter well and be able to ask them the right questions at the right times and have some context for how they may answer.  We also welcome blog contributions from you on parenting insights you've developed throughout the year.  Thank you for partnering with us through The Beanie Blog, and we pray that it's a great year!

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