Premarital Counseling

Student Counseling Center

Currently, the Student Counseling Center is unable to accommodate your request for premarital counseling. There are other resources at JBU that provide preparation for marriage to couples.

  • CARE Clinic located on the JBU campus, has counselors trained to do couples counseling. You may contact the CARE Clinic at 479-524-7300 or to make arrangements with them. There is no charge for JBU students using their services.  They are located at 2124 W. University St., Siloam Springs, AR. View Map and Directions.
  • The Center for Healthy Relationships (CHR) is located on the JBU campus and provides several opportunities for premarital education throughout the year. Premarital education can differ from premarital counseling in that it is done with small to large groups of couples and provides foundational relationship training in emotional intelligence, communication and conflict management. Premarital education is a great first step as a couple moves towards marriage but is not designed to take the place of the more individualized and personalized premarital counseling.

Please feel free to contact us again if we can be of further help.

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