Upcoming campus events

Jr/Sr Banquet - Kickin' It Old School
Friday, March 31 from 6pm-10pm.
The Ravington, 293 North Main Street, Centerton, AR.
Catered by Tacos4Life, Swing Dance, Formal Attire.
Pick up tickets in Student Development between 9-3pm.
Sponsored by SGA
Spy vs. Spy
All day over all of campus.
Sponsored by SEA
The Next Big Thing
Saturday, April 8 at 8pm.
Sponsored by SEA
Safari on the Quad
Friday, April 28 from 3pm-7pm.
Sponsored by SEA
Moonlight Breakfast
Tuesday, May 2 from 9pm-11pm.
Kresge Dining Hall
Sponsored by Student Development



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