Campus Safety Work-Study Opportunities

Campus Safety Work-Study Jobs

The Campus Safety office is a fun and active place. We enjoy drinking coffee together, and visiting about life while we eat from the bottomless candy dish and gum tray. We have great team spirit and enjoy our wonderful slice of JBU community. These roles sometimes drive a Campus Safety vehicle, so you’ll need to have a driver’s license and an approved JBU driver status. We don’t want you crashing, that kind of ruins your day. 

Campus Safety Office Assistant
People often drop in for ID cards or parking decals, so the Office Assistant helps with those requests, and also updates records maintained in the office. It is good for this role to have good communication skills and strong self-initiative. We’ll teach you all about our tasks when you get here.

Parking Patrol/Maintenance Assistant
Parking Patrol helps people learn to park correctly, and also helps with all the interesting tasks and projects in the office. It is good for this role to have strong self-initiative. You often walk through parking lots, and may need to climb some stairs. It is helpful but not required to have some mechanical ability and be able to work with tools, but if you're not a ‘Tool-man’, then you can just watch. 

Emergency Equipment Inspector
The Inspector checks all the emergency equipment, to make sure it’s functional.  Some of this checking needs to be done in the late evening, so you set your own hours, it’s very flexible. We’ll help you find your inner “Inspector Clouseau”. This role needs to have strong self-initiative. You will walk through all the buildings, visually checking equipment and making notes of items that need to be addressed later.

Student Safety Officer
This is a role with a high degree of responsibility. They assist Campus Safety Officers with general tasks, but primarily checking and locking rooms and buildings at night. They represent the Campus Safety department, and communicate with the JBU community about Campus Safety roles and tasks. This role also needs good self-initiation. You need to be able to walk around campus, climb stairs, and have good communication skills, both verbal and written.

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