Before parking a residential or commuter automobile on campus, students are required to register their automobile. Upon registration, parking decals will be sent to the student’s Campus Post Office box. For the fall semester, decals will be assigned the first week of school. Citations will not be issued the first week of classes to allow decals to be received and displayed. At other times of the year, please allow 2-3 business days for a registration to be processed.

Motorcycles and motorized scooters must register. They should park in areas of parking lots that are striped off, such as corners and ends of rows, but not striped areas adjacent to handicapped spaces. Motorcycles and scooters should not park in regular parking spaces if possible. Three-wheelers, dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles are not allowed on campus.

  • Annual automobile registration fee is $25, and will be posted to the student’s account.
  • Parking decals are valid for the entire school year, both semesters.
  • Parking decals designate authorized parking areas. See parking map for authorized areas.
  • If a student changes residence location, they must contact Campus Safety to obtain a new parking decal for the new residence area.
  • Parking decals will be issued upon registration and must be displayed on the inside of front windshield, passenger side, bottom corner.
  • Decals should not be moved from one vehicle to another. If a different vehicle needs a decal, it must be registered separately.
  • Day students should register all vehicles that they might drive to campus.

Students driving a borrowed vehicle that is not registered, such as a parent’s car, must contact the Campus Safety Office to receive a free temporary permit,

If a student changes vehicles during the year, there will not be an additional fee. The one fee covers one parking space, no matter how many different vehicles the student may have during the year.


If you are a Student, Faculty or Staff Member and have a JBU ID number:


If you do not have a JBU ID number, such as Walton Lifetime Health Complex member: