Frequently Asked Safety Questions

How do I get my first JBU ID Card, or a replacement ID card?

Due to calls for service, campus safety officers are in and out of the office, so it’s best to make an appointment, that way you don’t show up and there is no one in the office to assist you. Email CampusSafety@jbu.edu to schedule an appointment. For your initial card, you will need your JBU ID number IN WRITING. We will not make a first card if you are only able to give us your ID number verbally.

For replacement cards, you do not need your ID number because they can be looked up by name. If you want to keep the same picture, we can print a new card and send it to you via the campus post office. If you want a new picture, you’ll have to make an appointment to go to the campus safety office to sit for the new photo. For students, the replacement fee is $20 which is posted to your account.

How do I register my vehicle so I can park on campus?

Go to Vehicle Registration Page, fill in the form and submit. We will put your decal in campus mail. If you don’t get campus mail, your decal will be at the window of the campus post office, just present an ID to pick up your decal.

What do I need to do to be able to drive a large van?

Visit HERE for more information on registering to drive a large van.

  • 15 Passenger Van
    • Must be 23 years old to drive
    • Must retake the training every year
  •  12 Passenger Van
    • Must be 21 years old to drive
    • Only have to take the training once

Where is the Campus Safety Office?

The campus safety office is in the Central Plant, which is building 22 on the campus map - HERE

Where can I park my car?
Click here for campus parking and traffic information