Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures

The crisis communication system, Crisis Alert System (CAS), provides policies and procedures for the coordination of communications with the university, and between the university, the media and the public with time-sensitive information in the event of an emergency.

John Brown University will immediately, without delay, and taking into account the safety of the JBU community, determine the content of the notification and initiate the notification system, unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of the responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

JBU authorities will first determine if there is an emergency, and confirm that there is a significant emergency, and who to notify, determine the content of the notification, then immediately initiate the notification process.  

All emergencies should be reported immediately to the Campus Safety Department (479) 215-5000, or by calling the Siloam Springs Central Dispatch (911) or 9-911 from campus phones.

The CAS plan includes procedures for identification and response to an emergency situation. Once an emergency situation occurs on campus, the Campus Emergency Response can assess the nature and scope of the emergency; relay vital information to the campus community that could be affected by the emergency; and communicate with other emergency responders to assist them in their response to the emergency situation.

The CAS is activated by a Campus Safety Officer (CSO) under the direction of the Coordinator of Campus Safety (CCS), and other members of the Campus Emergency Response Team, and by the authority of the President of the University or his or her representative.

The CSO activates the CAS system by contacting the CAS system operator on duty and communicating with them when he or she sees a immediate threat to the campus community as a whole, who will issue a warning to the community to take immediate and appropriate action to prevent a potential life threatening event from occurring.

Upon activating the CAS system, the CSO or the CCS will immediately notify the Campus Emergency Response Team Director or his or her representative, and brief them on the situation at hand. The CSO will continue to monitor the situation, working with local authorities as they respond to the situation, and to provide timely updates to CAS System operator as needed.

The CAS system also allows for the communication of information to text messages to either a mobile phone or off –campus landline or a second email address to provide emergency or important campus information to the campus community.

JBU participates in emergency tests of the CAS, and evacuation drills at least once a year to assess and evaluate emergency procedures. The evacuation drills, table top exercises and emergency preparedness training are done in partnership with the Campus Safety Department, the Office of Emergency Management and the local fire department. These drills and exercises are conducted as either an announced or unannounced exercises, to further develop our response to any emergency situation.