Campus Fire Safety

All campus buildings are equipped with various fire alarm systems to alert the occupant of a fire emergency.

A fire of any size on campus, which can be described as “any instance of open flame or other burning in a place not intended to contain the burning or in an uncontrolled manner,” must be reported to the Siloam Springs Fire Department at 911 or 9-911 from campus phones, and the Campus Safety Department at (479) 215-5000, who will then respond to the location of the fire.

Be aware of where your fire extinguishers are in the building, and know how to use them if necessary to exit the building. Never use an extinguisher to put out a fire, unless it is a small fire that can be easily extinguished.

In case of a fire or a fire alarm sounding within a building, immediately evacuate the building and pull the fire alarm pull station, if available, when exiting the building to alert others. Then immediately call the Siloam Springs Fire Department by calling 911 from a cell phone or dial 9-911 from campus phones, and give the dispatcher the location of the fire. Then, proceed to your designated rally point until fire or campus safety officials have given the “all clear” to re-enter the building. ALWAYS treat fire alarms as a real fire event.

All fire events, whether they be cooking, open flame, electrical, heating, machinery, hazardous products or natural, whether unintentional, intentional (arson), or undetermined, will be recorded and listed in a Campus Fire Log, that is kept in the Campus Safety Office, and will be published in campus publications, such as “Here & Now,” “Weekly Beat,” and at the beginning of the school year, in the Student Handbook, when they become available. These statistics will also include the number of deaths related to a fire, and the number of injures that resulted in treatment at a medical facility, as well as the value of the property damage related to the fire.

Each semester the Campus Safety Department, in conjunction with the Resident Life Staff, and the Siloam Springs Fire Department, conduct fire drills in each of the resident facilities. The drills are used to train campus staff and students to be able to quickly respond to a potential fire event within resident facilities on campus, provide accountability of personnel and be able to respond immediately to a fire event. The drills are also used in assisting the local fire department in their response to a potential fire event on campus.