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We know, we know...The Beanie Blog is a strange name!  Did you know new JBU students wore beanies upon arrival way back in the 60's?  We enjoy that it is a part of our history and that it can remain just that...HISTORY!!  Here is some blurry proof!!

This blog was created in 2016 to provide a helpful resource for our current first-year students, parents of those students, and prospective students.  The first year is full of transitions as students adapt to a new place, new people, and have new experiences.  There are often very high highs and low lows that characterize the year as students get used to life at JBU.  This blog will hopefully help those reading it better understand what first-year students at JBU are experiencing at various points of the year and from various perspectives as contributors share their thoughts and reflections.  We hope this allows you to share in their experiences, ask great questions, and support them well as they trek through the year!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Hello my name is Ethan Underwood, and I am a transfer student from Biola University, which is located in Orange County, California.  I am originally from San Diego, California and made the decision after much prayer to change the direction of my life and transfer here to JBU after two years at Biola University.  I will be overseeing the blog this school year, and I look forward to being a part of the Beanie Blog community. 

The word “transition” for me has been very common in the past year.  Whether it be transitioning to working a summer in Montana, or a semester of studying abroad down in Ecuador I have not been a stranger to the word. Although it has become my normal I could not prepare myself for the transition of transferring colleges heading into my junior year.

I transferred to JBU in the hopes of a fresh start, but upon my arrival at JBU I seriously questioned if a fresh start was what I needed.  It was scary, it was new, and I was frightened.  I inwardly was wondering if I should just jump on the next plane back to California where I was comfortable and didn’t have to face anything new.  As a transfer student I wondered where I would fit in, and even while writing this blog I still wonder where my place is at within the JBU community.  Being a transfer student is an awkward thing, because even though you are participating in all the new student activities you don’t feel like you are new.  You feel seasoned and comfortable with the academic portion of college, but socially you feel completely out of place.  Because coming in as a transfer you feel like you don’t quite fit in with the freshmen and the unashamed excitement that they possess, and at the same time the students who are your age on campus all have their established friends.  Being a transfer means starting from scratch and socially putting yourself out there more than ever before.  Little things like going to the café or walking to class become an unfriendly reminder that I am in a new place where people don’t know my name and I don’t feel like I belong.  This experience at JBU so far has given me a softer heart to those around me who might not feel like they fit in, because for the first time in my life I am in that exact place.  It has been an adjustment for me the first couple weeks, but I am confident that I can push through and get outside of my comfort zone to thrive within this community, but also look for those who are also struggling and come alongside them in their struggles as well.

I write all of this not to criticize JBU or how they welcome new students because in reality JBU has been a great experience so far, but rather to provide a real perspective on what it means to transition and show how it is not always rainbows and butterflies.  For me it has been hard, but this was my own personal experience and I encourage those of you reading this to reach out to those new people on campus that you see to help them adjust and transition into this new stage of life.  

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