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We know, we know...The Beanie Blog is a strange name!  Did you know new JBU students wore beanies upon arrival way back in the 60's?  We enjoy that it is a part of our history and that it can remain just that...HISTORY!!  Here is some blurry proof!!

This blog was created in 2016 to provide a helpful resource for our current first-year students, parents of those students, and prospective students.  The first year is full of transitions as students adapt to a new place, new people, and have new experiences.  There are often very high highs and low lows that characterize the year as students get used to life at JBU.  This blog will hopefully help those reading it better understand what first-year students at JBU are experiencing at various points of the year and from various perspectives as contributors share their thoughts and reflections.  We hope this allows you to share in their experiences, ask great questions, and support them well as they trek through the year!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

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Hi! My name is Karlie Bright, and I am a freshman here at JBU. I first want to share a little about what college life has been like for me so far this year, then I will focus on one of my favorite things about coming to John Brown…rugby!

Like many other prospective freshmen, I expected college to be a big, fun ride over the span of four years and, like many, I was quickly hit with reality. It was not necessarily the school aspect that I struggled with, but the life aspect. I was coming to terms with the fact that life isn’t always sunshine and daisies. Life is hard, and it took me a long time to figure out how to handle that (still working on it). The thing is though, college is a great place to do just that, to work through your questions and to learn about yourself and the world around you. I don’t know a better place to do that than John Brown, because it is filled with staff and professors who are more than willing to come alongside and help you. In the meantime of trying to figure out life, do homework, and sleep, I have had a great time with the amazing friends I’ve made! College has been such a great place to learn more about myself and grow friendships.

That’s all I have for “serious college stuff”, but now on to the equally important topic of rugby. My advice to any college student is to join rugby. Join rugby. Join rugby. Yes, it may not be for everyone, but there is a place for everyone in the sport, so it’s worth a try! I’ve never been a part of a more accepting sport or team. It doesn’t matter how tall, strong, or fast you are, there are positions for all different kinds of people. You may have never heard of rugby or have any idea how to play, but join the club because that’s exactly how everyone felt when they first started! The girls on the team are amazing, and I instantly felt welcomed and loved. They didn’t hesitate to 1. Tell me how much they loved rugby and 2. Tell me all about how to play. It didn’t take long to get sucked into the obsession of the sport. As I began to learn more about it and how to play, I began to fall in love with it just as I was warned. Don’t get me wrong, it is a CRAZY, INTENSE, PHYSICAL, TOUGH sport, but it is also an insanely rewarding and beautiful, heartfelt sport (plus you get some awesome bruises). I can honestly say out of my time here at JBU, I have never felt more humbled and close to God as I do when I am playing rugby with my friends. There is a time at the end of each game when we circle up to pray and sing the Doxology. During this time, I reflect on what our bodies can do, what God made our bodies capable of enduring. It is so humbling to look back on a game and realize that you literally couldn’t have made it without your teammates and the abilities God has given you. It is a crazy experience that sucks me in and keeps dragging me back to that pitch.  

Blog HomePosted By: Karlie Bright - 4/13/17 3:00 PM