Leaders Scholars Institute

Equipping Leaders for Eternal Significance

Leader Scholars Institute (LSI) is an academic, four-year, credit-bearing curricular (inside the classroom) and co-curricular (outside the classroom) program.  It is intentionally designed to be developmental (grows with you), innovative (cutting edge), challenging (high expectations), and rewarding (much is expected, much is given.)

LSI mission statement: To equip leaders and empower passions for eternal significance.

Each year in LSI offers students the opportunity to grow in a different aspect of leadership. Each year builds on the one(s) before it, so that students can learn their full potential by the fourth year.

Year 1: Discover (Strengths and Potential)

  • Explore and present new concepts of leadership on your own
  • Identify your strengths, personality, and style as applied to leadership

Year 2: Develop (Skills and Mission)

  • Sharpen your leadership skills by active engagement in LDR 2563: Leadership Competencies (fall course)
  • Develop a personal mission statement, explore its application

Year 3: Do (Practical Application)

  • Create, implement, and evaluate a self-directed leadership project through LDR 3651-3: LSI Capstone Practicum (fall/spring course)
  • Apply your leadership in the community

Year 4: Deploy (Leaving a Legacy)

  • Prepare for leadership beyond JBU
  • Cultivate your concept of personal legacy
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