Leaders Scholars Institute

Equipping Leaders for Eternal Significance

Leader Scholars Institute (LSI) is an academic, four-year, credit-bearing curricular (inside the classroom) and co-curricular (outside the classroom) program.  It is intentionally designed to be developmental, innovative, challenging, and rewarding.

LSI mission statement: To equip leaders and empower passions for eternal significance.

Each year in LSI, students are offered the opportunity to grow in a different aspect of leadership. Each year builds on the one(s) before it, so that students can learn and operate from their full potential by the fourth year.

Year 1: Discover (Strengths and Potential)

  • Explore and present new concepts of leadership on your own
  • Identify your strengths, personality, and style as applied to leadership

Year 2: Develop (Skills and Mission)

  • Sharpen your leadership skills by active engagement in LDR 2563: Leadership Competencies (fall course)
  • Develop a personal mission statement, explore its application

Year 3: Do (Practical Application)

  • Create, implement, and evaluate a self-directed leadership project through LDR 3651-3: LSI Capstone Practicum (fall/spring course)
  • Apply your leadership in the community

Year 4: Deploy (Leaving a Legacy)

  • Prepare for leadership beyond JBU
  • Cultivate your concept of personal legacy
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