Governor's Cup Competition

Senior Capstone Class Creates Real-World Experience

Your first three years in the College of Business at JBU all come together your senior year during the capstone business class called Strategic Management. In this course, students work in teams to create a business and write a business plan detailing the first five years of operation. At the end of the semester, each team sends their business plan to a competition called the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition.

Twelve teams are selected from all of the entries, and they travel to Little Rock, AR to present their business plan and compete for cash prizes. Not only are the prizes a great incentive, but investors and experienced business people judge your presentation and plan, and give you critical and useful feedback.

The top three from this Arkansas competition win prizes, and the top two teams travel to Las Vegas, NV to compete against the top two teams from Oklahoma and Nevada. Again, there are more cash prizes and another opportunity to interact with invAFS and Craftistas after winning first and second place at the Tri-State Governor's Cup Competitionestors and business people. You can read more about the competition here.

In 2011, three JBU teams went to the competition in Little Rock, and took first, second, and third place. The teams that took first place (AFS) and second place (Craftistas) advanced to the Tri-State Competition in Las Vegas.

In May 2011, AFS and Craftistas traveled to Las Vegas for the Tri-State Competition. The top two winners from statewide competitions in Oklahoma and Nevada joined the two JBU teams to compete for $41,000 in cash prizes.

At this competition, Craftistas took first place and AFS took second place.

The winnings from all undergrad JBU teams combined, from the competition in Arkansas and the competition in Nevada, totaled $93,000.

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