Student Opportunities

Beyond the classroom

Undergraduate Students

  • Participate in the annual Governor’s Cup Competition
  • Get involved in ENACTUS and develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life for people locally and around the globe
  • Develop marketing plans for actual clients
  • Gain real-world experience by interning at local Fortune 500 companies
  • Apply to the Leaders Scholars Institute and experience a four-year leadership program
  • Travel abroad and earn course credit in another country

Graduate Students

  • Build a professional network
  • Use network and education to achieve a career change
  • Participate in a study abroad trip
  • Build career around study abroad program
  • Experience a uniquely Christian worldview
  • Utilize JBU Grad Business’ strategic relationship with the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics
  • Faculty members are both practitioners and academicians

JBU Online Students

  • Course schedule designed with working adults in mind
  • Faculty that combine theories and textbooks with “real world” experience
  • JBU Online holds one of the highest graduation rates anywhere – 80%
  • Large JBU alumni network
JBU factoid

In the past 10 years Enactus JBU has implemented a water purification system in five communities in Guatemala. Now a clean water provider can sell water at a fraction of the cost of competitors, enabling more people to have clean water.

JBU Enactus

ENACTUS (Entrepreneurship in Action) is an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilize university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Participating students form teams on their university campuses and apply business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need (

At JBU, our vision is: Changing lives around the world through education and service that equips people, builds communities, and inspires hearts. JBU students are currently setting up hydroponics gardening systems in Guatemala, helping provide a chance at quality education for youth in rural Nicaragua, teaching inmates in a nearby jail the skills to find and keep a job, assisting small business in Siloam Springs via workshops, and helping JBU’s campus become a zero-landfill school.

ENACTUS JBU is both a club and a class offered for university credit. The current team is over 50 members from 10 different countries, studying 11 different majors. Is there a place for you? Yes. Reach out to for more information.

To see photos and get more information about what our students are working on, check out the

JBU factoid

JBU teams have won over $100,000 in prize money from the Governor's Cup Competition.

Governor's Cup Business Plan Competition

Your first three years in the College of Business at JBU all come together your senior year during the capstone business class called Strategic Management. In this course, students work in teams to create a business and write a business plan detailing the first five years of operation. At the end of the semester, each team sends their business plan to a competition called the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Competition.

Twelve teams are selected from all of the entries, and they travel to Little Rock, Arkansas to present their business plan and compete for cash prizes. Not only are the prizes a great incentive, but investors and experienced business people judge your presentation and plan, and give you critical and useful feedback.

AFS and Craftistas after winning first and second place at the Tri-State Governor's Cup Competition

The top three from this Arkansas competition win prizes, and the top two teams travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete against the top two teams from Oklahoma and Nevada. Again, there are more cash prizes and another opportunity to interact with investors and business people. You can read more about the competition here.


Undergraduate students have a variety of study abroad opportunities through the International Office. Graduate business students have study abroad opportunities in Central America, Asia or South Africa, where students learn much about international business as well as how people in other cultures live, shop, eat, worship, etc.

Student Associations

Professionals in Progress

Professionals-in-Progress (PIP) is a student club sponsored by John Brown University (JBU) and a student chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

PIP connects JBU business students to professional development opportunities and promotes professional preparedness (i.e. soft skills) in business vocations. PIP accomplishes its mission through the following facets: discussion, mentorship, and partnerships with professional organizations.

  • Regular meetings to discuss relevant business topics
  • Mentorship with eligible JBU alumni via the Alumni Mentorship Program
  • Connections with its parent organization and professional organizations that promote professional development in business-related fields.  

For more info, contact us at

Christian Business Faculty Association

The Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA) provides a professional link between JBU students and the business field. Graduates find that the involvement they begin as students continues to be valuable throughout their career.

Potential employers like to see that graduates have gained practical experience through summer internships. So, supervised learning involving field experience in a business firm is required as part of JBU's Business program. Intern requirements must be met by the fall semester of a student's senior year.