Alumni Stories

September 2002

From the granddaughter of Robert Linzay, Head Master at Brown from 1958-1960. My grandfather is looking for John N. Knight who was also at Brown’s as a PMS&T. Please contact me as follows:

Jennifer Isbell, Contract Datascan, Inc., West Coast Associate (562) 491-1038 or at my e mail at Contract Datascan or (Note: Doug Halbert responded that we did not have any record. If any of you can help, please contact Jennifer.

We heard from George Hurte (Chairman of the Board, SCMA) and Marie. They advised they enjoyed reading about our activities. Doug advised them that both their interest and participation are appreciated.

Jack Lowrey ’53 and Nadine advised they would be traveling from mid-June until October traveling up North and then to the mid-West. They planned to see family in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their oldest grandson Jerod is in Afghanistan. They are enjoying all this via their motor coach.

Frank Robert Borer (40’s) His daughter Leanne (Borer) Wohl wrote us that Frank had passed away. She noted he used to attend reunions at Arnie Kachok’s ’49. She will send us memorabilia.

Don Hanson ’62 has been active with our Reunion Committee and will head up the Welcoming Committee next May. He noted that perhaps we would recall an incident where a car driven by a grandmother mowed down kids and teachers in the crosswalk at a private school in Eagle Rock, California early this year. Don’s wife Jan was the music teacher who went under the car. Don reports Jan has had a near complete recovery although she had the misfortune of breaking her arm more recently. Don has also recently undergone heart surgery at which time he was supplied with a pacemaker. He notes he is recovering nicely. We hope to see both of them at the next meeting.

Earlier this year we also received greetings from Arthur Barondes ’44 (across the continent) and from Bob Geith ’44.

Also received a message from John Aden ’77SCMA sending his greetings and noting that Col. Aden, the last Commandant of SCMA (’75-’87) is at, so be in touch.

From time-to-time, we hear from Philip Manescalchi ’54 also known as "Sckitch". He noted that while at BMA he had his own band and played the Prom in 1954. "What a night that was", he noted.

Wes Atkin ’53 also keeps in touch and sends me lists of cadets he has located which are passed on to our Adjutant who sends them an invitation to join our Alumni Association.

Wes, Bob Downs ’61 and Doug Daudell ’52 are to be credited for locating a large number of cadets. One of Bob Downs’ contacts, Lockie Kellogg (mid-60’s) wrote back to Bob, "It was great hearing from you. I will say, with the amount of sales calls we receive in the evenings, it leaves us pretty skeptical. It was nice to be so thoroughly surprised by your call. I mentioned your call to my brother, Clarence Kellogg, who is also a BMA graduate and he mentioned that he had checked out the web page to check up on his class." Good work Bob!!!

Another new cadet, Scott Freutel attended Glendora ’60-’61 then graduated Westchester High, L.A. ’62 wrote inquiring about cadets he would like to locate and the history of the school. Both Doug Halbert and myself responded to him. Scott was in the Band Company and edited the "Cadet". He says, "I much regret I kept no copies of that highly irregular, in all senses of the word, publication". He would like to be in touch with classmates Cliff Presley ‘61, "trumpeter extraordinaire (and de facto bugler)" and Juan Bock ‘61, "the brilliant Guatemalan". Scott can be reached at P.O. Box 1583, Bozeman, MT 59717 or at e-mail: or

Can You Help? Here is a letter we received from the son of a former cadet. Carroll Warren Curtis wrote, "I was recently reading "old" letters that were written to my father by his family in 1948. Apparently, he was attending Brown Military Academy at that time. It seems he was going there to prepare for the Navy. His name was Charles Edgar Warren (late 40’s) and he was from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He passed away in 1987. Does anyone have any information about him? Contact me at email

Doug Halbert received a very interesting letter from Dick Hentschel (not a BMA cadet). He wrote, "My hobby is collecting old decals. Recently I purchased a set of fold-out mailer decals of BMA dating to about 1948.

It contains 6 decals and features color photos of about 88 former students, i.e., Glee Club, Basketball Team, Officers in full dress, Academy Band, a Junior Class and a Bugle Unit. I would like to attempt to identify some of those pictured. I’d also be willing to share photos, etc. with alumni of about that time frame. Most of what I find are travel, pin-up, comic, etc. decals. I thought this was unique and wanted to share it with those that might have a deeper appreciation for it. Sincerely, Dick Hentschel at e-mail:

Chairman, Gary Moore contacted Dick and received the decals which are being copied. Then the originals will be returned to Dick. You will see them at our Memorabilia Table at the Reunion. If  you have anything to contribute to this display, contact Gary Moore. Items will be returned to you if you wish. We had a very extensive line of items at the last Reunion.

In a conversation with Kathleen Judy (Ken Judy ‘43), she noted she and Ken went to the last BMA San Diego parade in ‘58 and attended Reunions in Glendora from 1960-1963. 1963 was the year President Eisenhower was present for the dedication of the Eisenhower Hall. They joined up with the Scharpenbergs (Fred ‘40 and Charlene) in 1976 and became very active with the Reunions in 1990. Kathleen participates as one of our Committee Members and her son Kevin Judy has been our bugler for many years. Her son Kirk Judy attended the September Committee Meeting with Kathleen.

Chaplain Clifford N. Ryan ‘45-’59 wrote to provide a change of address and added "I am delighted to be on the mailing list for BMA Alumni news--good of you cadets to include information from administrative level officers and faculty.

For 35 years I have had the address you currently use in Miami Shores, Florida. Last month I moved to a large retirement village in the Phoenix valley. Considering my age, this should be my last address change! I am delighted to receive your regular mailings and do wish to remain on your list. I often find a name I fondly recall. My regret is that most of my faculty level friends have passed away.

The loss over these years of dear friends, Major and Mrs. Millard Black, Captain Bell, Captain Nelson, Caroline McCord, and many others cause me to feel I am outliving my generation. (Chaplain Ryan also noted he had learned Major Bitterlin had suffered a major stroke and our understanding is he continues to survive and John Petty ‘52 has visited him.) Chaplain Ryan concluded by thanking us for publishing his current address: Clifford N. Ryan, 6620 W. Butler Dr., #44, Glendale, AZ 85302.

Cliff also gave this time line:
1945 - I was finishing Seminary in Los Angeles and journeyed weekly to the San Diego BMA campus as Assistant Chaplain to Chaplain Boldt.

1946-1953 - I was appointed full-time Senior Chaplain. I was out one of those years while being with John Brown University and Chaplain of the Brown Military Academy of the Ozarks. Then back to San Diego.

1953-1959 - Dr. Brown transferred me to the Glendora campus (still a girls’ school until 1959) as Chaplain and Administrator. During a portion of this time, I did additional graduate work for my M.A. in that area.

I recall when plans were made to sell the San Diego Campus, we also made a great effort to sell the Glendora Girls School Campus. Without a buyer at that time, the move was made to transfer boys to the Glendora campus.

Financially this was never successful and the University board made an effort again to sell that property in the middle 1960s. The buyer at that time was the Azusa Pacific College. The Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles, bought the property from the college.  

For the past 35 years, I have been a Prep School Administrator and Senior Pastor of a nearby church. I am now enjoying retirement. Cliff Ryan, Chaplain

Don Hanson‘62: While at BMA ‘60-‘62, I was Editor of the Cadet Newspaper and Executive Officer of Band Company. I graduated a Salutatorian of a class of, as I recall, 32 cadets. Some called me "Doc" but my medical interests came to an end when I encountered Organic Chemistry in college. One of my younger brothers, Dale Hanson, also attended BMA and was known as "wee Hanson". Dale is a physician’s associate in Mesa, AZ, and saw the worst of Vietnam as a Marine medic, which he can’t talk about to this day. Another brother, David Hanson, attended BMA. He lives in Canoga Park and has worked for the phone company for many years.  

I’ll never forget weapons training at our makeshift rifle range nor getting up early to attend "command voice" training on the football field. Speaking of the football field, it was not a particularly good time for the academy football team. Kind of like the many dry years I have endured as an alumnus of Oregon State University, which thankfully came to an end this past football season. Truly memorable events at the academy while I was there included the dedication of Eisenhower Hall and the visit of Ronald Reagan before he became Governor of California.

I attended UCLA for a brief period and then moved on to Oregon State University where I received a Baccalaureate Degree in General Social Sciences in 1967 and met my future wife, Jan. Jan and I were married in 1968 and have two grown and married children and eight grandchildren.

After undergraduate days, I attended Loyola University Law School in Los Angeles. In the midst of this, Uncle Sam called and I joined the US Army, serving from 1969 to 1972 as an Intelligence Officer at Fort Lewis, Washington. Throughout my Army training, my experiences at BMA definitely helped me: I was invariably chosen for leadership positions and never did a day of KP! Upon completion of active duty, I returned to Loyola, graduating in 1973. For many years I maintained a law office in Glendale, moving it recently to Burbank. Jan and I now live in Burbank.

BMA gave me a love of things military. After completing active duty, I continued to serve in the US Army Reserve, commanding several units with interesting missions, and most recently serving as security manager of a command with multi-state responsibilities. I traveled extensively for the Army Reserve, crossing the country frequently and paying many a visit to military facilities in Hawaii and Japan. I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in February of 2000.

BMA gave me an interest in community service. I have been active in the local Chamber of Commerce, chairing the Citizenship and Patriotism Committee receiving the Chamber’s Patriot of the Year Award in 1995. I was fund raising chairman for the Glendale Veterans Memorial, commemorating servicemen and women from the area who gave their lives defending our liberties. I have served the local courts for many years as a judge pro-tempore, arbitrator, and mediator. I have been very active in disaster planning, preparedness, and response in the community, serving as Chairman of the Board of the local chapter of the American Red Cross, and now as chairman of the Disaster Services Committee. As a ham radio operator, I have been involved in coordinating communications for many other community events.

BMA also launched a parade avocation for me. I remember well the parades as a member of the BMA band and under the able guidance of Mr. Smith. In later life I became involved in parades in Glendale, serving as chairman of the Glendale Days of the Verdugos Parade last year and as parade marshal of the Glendale-Montrose Christmas Parade the year before. For the past several years, I’ve been involved in communications support of the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. You never know what a little knowledge gained in the early years of life will lead to!

It is not overstating the case to say that the training and experiences at BMA have shaped my life. I will forever be grateful to the academy for the opportunities it offered, and to my parents for sacrificing to send me there. "Training Youth to Live" was a fitting motto. Don Hanson ‘61

Pierre Debbault ‘58: After graduating from BMA, I went to summer school at the University of Arizona. I transferred to San Diego State College graduating in 1963. In 1964, I graduated from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in Arizona. My second post-graduate degree was at Stonier Graduate School of Banking, Rutgers University, graduating in 1986.

After Thunderbird, I went to work for a Canadian company in Puerto Rico where I got to know the Caribbean area. I was recruited by Uncle Sam, did basic training in Fort Polk. Because of my BMA experience and one year of College ROTC, I was made temporary Sergeant and given a platoon in basic, plus my own room!! Same thing at Advanced Training at Fort Sill. I was sent to Korea for 15 months. When I mustered out in September of 1966, I was hired into the International Division of Bank of America. Later I was sent to Honduras, Central America (with a two month stop-over in Guatemala). I stayed in Central America for almost four years, where I met my former wife. Myson was born there.

Two years after being transferred to BofA Headquarters in San Francisco, I switched banks and became Managing Director for the Brussels Subsidiary of a United California Bank in Belgium. Next, I was transferred to New York City heading up their Latin American Division traveling all over Latin America. Four-and-one-half years later, I joined Philadelphia National Bank and starting up their International Cash Management Division. While in Philadelphia, I was visiting guest lecturer at Wharton School of Business on International Cash Management and Foreign Exchange.

After a number of years there, I accepted a position as Finance Manager for a high-tech firm based in Massachusetts and set-up their office in Brazil where I stayed five years. Upon my return from Brazil, I did some consulting work in San Diego and most recently accepted a position as Manager of International Sales for a publishing firm in Los Angeles.

As I have said many, many times, Brown Military Academy was the rock solid foundation for me. If I was academically successful, it was the study habits I learned there. If I was successful in my career, it was the leadership skills and discipline I learned. BMA will always be with me. Pierre Debbaudt ‘58

Bob Gordon ‘43 Recollections: The Class of 1943 did not have a Yearbook due to a paper shortage. They were the only class to not have that privilege.

Dick Luebben ‘42 asked Bob Gordon to write a brief summary of his days at BMA that could be used in the future, so we have the benefit of those recollections.

Bob was quite an athlete and contributed several trophies to the BMA trophy room. He attended BMA from September 1939 to December 1943 and was a Sergeant in B Company. As a Sophomore, he played on the first championship "C" team that BMA had.

Earl Barondes ‘43 (who attended our last Reunion) and Al Harutunian ‘43 were also members of that team.

Bob was a high jumper and set many league and County records. He went to the CIF finals in Glendale in his Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years at BMA, competing against some of the best high jumpers in the State. He remembers getting two seconds and a third at those meets. In those days, there were also some ties involved but Bob doesn’t remember what the ties were. All he remembers was that he was able to bring some medals back to BMA.

All this extra athletics kept him busy right to the end of each school year as there were qualifying meets and workouts to deal with. Bob recalls that there were several other members of the Class of 1943 who were good athletes. He mentions Oscar Harper ‘43 (who also attended our last Reunion) and Earl Barondes ‘43. At the June 1943 Graduation, Earl Barondes was recognized as the "Best Athlete" along with many other awards because he had more varsity letters than anyone in the class.

During Bob’s Junior and Senior years, he won the non-commission officer’s drill down on the parade grounds at the final parade in June. After graduation, Bob went into the Army Air Corps. He had the opportunity to run track for the Air Corps and recalls making a record high jump in the thin air at Denver, Colorado. He was told this was a State high jump record, but he suspects that his record has been surpassed by now. Bob Gordon ‘43

Earl Welliver ‘53: Several years ago I was given the nickname of 'Duke' from the song Duke of Earl and it has stuck. I belong to the Class of ‘53 and ‘56 graduating from Brown’s in 1953 with the rank of Captain and then graduated in 1956 from JC with the rank of Battalion Commander. I then joined the Marine Corps and was attached to a recon battalion as well as a UDT unit as their Cryptographer.

After the military, I attended college and spent 35 years working in the Corporate world heading up the Security Departments for several Fortune 500 companies. I retired several years ago and, if I had known how great retirement could be, I would have done it earlier.

I studied Martial Arts after leaving the Marine Corps and now teach over 200 students Taekowndo. I’ve been studying with my Martial Arts Master for many years in Korea and have attained my 4th degree black belt and my designation as a Master in Taekowndo.

This year, I took twelve of my students to South Korea so they may test for their black belt in this historic setting. They also studied at the Taekowndo World Headquarters in Seoul and trained with some of the top Masters in the world. In addition, they learned some of the language and, more importantly, the culture. Since my Master is the Chief Instructor for the U.S. Army and the South Korean Army, we were treated to a special tour of the DMZ. While there, we were under surveillance by the North Korean Army. It was quite an experience.

I have also been competing in Triathlons and running track and field in the Senior Olympics. I will participate in the Los Angeles Triathlon in September, which includes a 1k ocean swim, a 40k bike ride, followed by a 10k run. There will be about 1800 competitors in this event, my group being 65-69 years old. I hope to complete this event in two hours or better. I have been running track and field in the Senior Olympics for the past three years, competing in the 10,000M, 5,000M, and 1500M. I also qualified for the World Games but broke my foot during a training run. I am now back on the track but will have to wait until next year. I know this doesn’t sound like retirement, but it beats working for a living.

I am planning to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro in Africa for my 70th birthday. I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew. My real love though is acting as my granddaughter’s running and strength coach. She is a ranked Junior tennis player. I have been married nearly 42 years and have two wonderful sons.

I think of my time at Browns and of all the great friends I have made there. I still keep in touch with some of them, though not often enough. I was at the last Reunion, but only for a short time. I will be attending the next Reunion in Glendora. My sister went to Glendora School for Girls. I also met President Reagan when he talked at the school.

My thanks to all who have kept the Reunions going. Earl "Duke" Welliver ‘56 JC

Mitchell Gordon Lindsay-Lewis ’66: Though born with this name, my classmates weren’t burdened with it and just called me "Mitch". I began my journey through the halls of Ike and Pershing in the summer of 1963. My parents thought I should get used to the campus before my plebe year as a Sophomore. I was fortunate to be placed in First Platoon (Bob Smith) of A-Company (Willy Jones) in Ike Hall that Fall.

Someone made note that I liked to work with my M-1 Garand rifle so I was transferred to Special Staff during my Sophomore second semester. I had the special privilege of "hanging out" with Jewel, Parker, Hunt, Berti, and Moffit after hours in the bowel of Pershing Hall.

Occasionally, Sir (Clappier) graced us with his presence. Parker (S-4 in ’64) began to train me for S-4 in ’66 and my senior year as S-4 was something very special. To be on Battalion Staff as Seniors, we were privileged to see a side of BMA others did not have the opportunity to experience.

After graduation, I attended Cal Poly, Pomona where I kept in touch with Fountain (La Verne College), Clark and Scott (Claremont Men’s College), and Sulli (Cal Poly). My first two years I ran cross-country and track. Then I began to train with George Keeley in Kyokushin karate. I began to fight in tournaments with a degree of success. The study of martial arts in many forms helped to mold my thinking and life.

In 1971, I began weight lifting under the tutelage of Bill Pearl in Pasadena. In 1973, I began to play Rugby for the Pasadena team. In 1978, I began to compete in Olympic Lifting in the light heavy weight division. When I graduated from BMA in 1966, I was 6’ and 128 lbs. In 1984, I was 215 lbs at 6% body fat. I maintained that definition until 1994. Now, as with most of us, things are a little different.

I graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona in 1970 with a BS degree in Communication Arts which proved unhelpful in finding a career. I returned to Cal Poly and earned a BS in Physical Education.

I was awarded a fellowship to UCLA and completed my student teaching. I was then hired by the L.A. County Superintendent of Schools, Division of Special Education. For 13 years I assessed and taught handi-capped students Physical Education. I began work on my Masters in Physical Education in 1974, and an Athletic Trainer’s Certification in 1975. I was the Athletic Trainer for South Hills High School (West Covina) in 1974-75 when that team won the 4A-CIF Football Championship.

In 1978, I began to design conditioning, training, and rehab programs for elite athletes. I began with Donald Quarrie, sprinter from Jamaica, helping him prep for the 1980 Summer Olympic Games. My reputation led to my being the National Coaching Coordinator for Strength and Conditioning for US Judo and US Men’s Rowing for the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympic Games. My involvement from 1984-88, 1992, and 1996 resulted in training Olympians including my cousin, Brad Lewis, and Paul Enquist (double scull), David Spalding (flat-water canoe team), Mike Powell (World Record holder in the Long Jump), Clair Look-Jaeger (High Jump), Donna Mayhew (Javelin), and Sue DeMarco (Pole Vault).

In 1986, I left teaching and entered Cleveland College of Chiropractic graduating in December 1990. I wanted to base my practice in a unique manner as compared to the usual methods. Thirty minutes is given each patient with 60 to 90 minutes given each new patient conducting appropriate orthopedic examinations of past and present concerns. Treatments are unique in every situation and visit. Patients are booked only when necessary. In my office, located in a beautiful old Pasadena Medical building, I am assisted by six excellent massage therapists. The best thing about the office is having my wife with me all day handling the business end of the practice.

I met my wife, Janice, on a blind date on December 6, 1978 and we married 99 days later. I look on December 6, 1978 as my birthday. My life became settled and wonderful with her presence and I couldn’t love anyone more than Janice.

I’m very proud of my Scottish heritage my mother from Clan Lindsay and my deceased father from Clan McLeod of Lewis. I competed in heavy athletics (caber, stone toss, vertical weight toss, and barrel toss) at Scottish festivals.

When I was 48, I was encouraged to follow my long desire to play bagpipes. I have had three instructors and am now with Ian Whitelaw who is world class in Piobaireachd which is the ancient and classical style of the Great Highland Bagpipe. I compete at local Scottish Festivals with Piobaireachd (tunes which last 15 minutes to 1 hour) and hope to compete in Scotland in a few years.

A few years ago I was introduced to shooting muzzle loaded rifles and cap-and-ball pistols. My wife suggests that I am truly aging in that my playmates are musket wielding men in their 70’s and 80’s. I have shot in a few competitions and taken a prize or two. I introduced my daughter to musket shooting. I gave her a .45 caliber Seneca rifle for her 21st birthday last year my wife was absolutely thrilled by such an appropriate gift for a young lady. Cassandra is my "shootin’ buddy".

I do hope that a lot of Glendora BMA cadets can attend the Reunion in 2003. "Training Youth to Live" certainly paid off in dividends for me!

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