Alumni Stories

October 2004



Dotti Schloss (Ron) '50 reported that Earl Welliver '53 had participated in the Bio Dynamic Institute's World's Fittest Athlete Contest. It was held at Soka University and the competition included six events.

Earl placed second in his age group of 55 years or older. Since Earl is from the Class of '53, that makes him in the upper echelon in that age group and therefore even more an accomplishment.

Earl was also honored with his photo on the cover of USA Triathlete Magazine which announced, "Duke Welliver Spring Sprint Triathlon Age Group Winner, May 2, 2004". Good going Duke. Earl will give us the pleasure of a Tai Chi Class at the Spring Reunion.


BOB DOWNS '61 - Thought you'd like to know some ARIZONA BMA CADETS attended a summer dinner at Lorrin Nichols '62 home on August 22, 2004. This was the first gathering and we hope to have more in attendance for a Christmas luncheon. Cadets in attendance besides myself and Lorrin were George Ogilvie '62, Terry Cash '61, and Frank Courier '59 as well as some of the wives. Frank took pictures which I have forwarded. Anyone interested in attending the December luncheon of Arizona Cadets may contact Bob Downs at or send mail to Bob at 18012 N. 54th Ln., Glendale, AZ 85305-1355. Be sure to include your address and phone number in your correspondence.

PATRICK (BABBITT) '60 AND ANNIE BURKE - We are looking for a 1960 BMA Yearbook with inserts for sale. Please e-mail us at with a price, etc. if you have one available. Thanks.

1958 WARRIOR YEARBOOK AVAILABLE ON E-BAY The following was received from C. R. Chenowth "I just listed this item on E-bay and thought someone might be interested - 1958 BROWN MILITRY ACADEMY YEARBOOK west point prep $9.99 2271432024 $9.99. There was an original 8X10 Class Photo in the yearbook when I bought it. It is of a 1st grade class room in 1958. It will be included in the sale of this book.

I have had a lot of experience with yearbooks and class rings lately. I just sold a 1962 Lucky Bag yearbook back to Annapolis USNA, and have helped recover three West Point USMA class rings in the last year from seller on E-bay and helped get them returned to the school or the rightful owner. I have found the best way to spread the word about yearbooks is to email the school. This copy has the name Stefen Cadwell hand-written on the second page. If interested, contact C.R. Chenowth, Uncle of a 2000 West Point USMA Graduate, Santee, California at 619-994-8187. His e-mail address to us is

"WILLING" YOUR BMA YEARBOOKS TO THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE: Mitch Lewis '66 reported that since there are so few Military Academies he wondered if it might be possible to start a BMA archive at the Smithsonian. He contacted them and they advised they would gladly accept BMA Yearbooks. For more information, contact Mitch at (626) 285-8757 or email him at:

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