Alumni Stories

June 2003


Don Dubna, Chaplain, San Diego writes :

Thanks for your good work with the BMA Newsletter. The tribute to Louis Bitterlin was especially moving. He was one of the finest people I ever served with. I learned a lot by serving with him for four years at BMA just before the move to Glendora. I have just this month reconnected with Anson Rainey who has BMA,JBU,and SCMA ties. I know he would love to get the Newsletter as well.

Note: Adjutant,Doug Halbert sent an invitation to Anson Rainey and he joined our Alumni ranks. His letter will be included in the next Newsletter.

Sherry Root (Frank Root ‘64) sent the following note:
Dear Dotti: Though you managed to hide your wings under a lovely frock on Saturday evening, all of the fine Men of Brown, and their wives, shall always know you for your true attributes. We thank you again for your hard work and dedication of time. Frank and I both had a great time,and met a great number of people that we had not seen in many years. We shall plan to attend again in the future. Our best to yourself and Ron. We look forward to seeing you both at the next

Robert Geith ‘44 Bob attended BMA from 1937 to 1944 from grades six through twelve at the Pacific Beach campus. He was in A Company and was a Staff Sergeant. His favorite memory was of the Band playing Christmas carols at D Barracks early in the morning of Christmas vacation.

His education after BMA resulted in a B.S.Degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska followed by an M.S.Degree in Education from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles,California.

Following his education at BMA, Bob served in the U.S.Navy from 1944-1946 as a Hospital Corpsman HM2 and from 1951 to 1953 he served again in hospital duty.

Robert Geith was an Educator in the Riverside Unified School District from 1950 to 1968 as both an Elementary Teacher and as a Principal. He then served at the Riverside County Office of Education from 1968-1982 as Coordinator of Educational Services.

Married to his wife Jackie, they have four sons, Robert, Christopher, Scott, and Steve and also one daughter, Amy. Bob enjoys Big Band dancing, and singing along with small plane flying and photography. [Deceased: February 28, 2005 see Final Taps]

Solomon A Kachok, aka Arnie ‘49 Arnie attended BMA San Diego from 1946 through 1949 (Sophomore through Senior years). He was in A Company and was elevated to Captain. His favorite memories of BMA were in making CO of A Company and also making All-League Left Half-Back in football in 1949. He was also Captain of the Football Team and of the Track Team. He received an award at Graduation as the 'Most Congenial' or 'Most Personable Person'.

Arnie spent eight years and three days in Active Duty with the U.S.Air Force. Eighteen months of this time he was in the Air Police and the other six and one-half years he served as a Personnel Specialist, Staff Sergeant. He served at twelve different bases in 48 states plus Alaska.

Arnie is most proud of owning his own Insurance Brokerage business and the Insurance Industry has presented Arnie with various awards. Through owning his own business,he feels he has enjoyed the freedom to grow at his own pace and be himself. He is furthermore grateful to God because he loves his work. He also notes that he had lots of fun serving as President of his Rotary Club in San Diego.

Marilyn is Arnie’s wife of thirty-one years. They enjoy their five children, one boy and four girls, and nine grandchildren. One grandaughter is in the Air Force in Japan. Arnie also notes there are two great-grandchildren that are 'adorable'.

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