2009 Reunion Reflections/Photo Edition
Outgoing Chairman's Report - Reunion 2009 Howard Nelson '55

Now that the BMA Reunion '09 is over, we can start looking forward to the 2011. I would like to thank Bart Hilliard '61 and Penny and Skip Brown '64 for their donations to the 50/50 charitable drawing. We were able to donate $700 to the U.S. Vets at March Base in Riverside, Calif.

Thanks to everyone who helped put together our reunion at the DoubleTree Hilton in San Diego. It takes a lot of people to make this happen. It was great seeing everyone who attended, especially the several new faces. We hope to see you all in two years.

Special Note to the Men of Brown

For ten years, Ron and I have worked actively with the committee in reserving hotel and meeting rooms for the BMA Alumni Reunions.  These arrangements require contract decisions with the hotels and commitment numbers for hotel rooms, which are based on a previous years banquet attendance.  Well, you all know the economic conditions have changed for all of us. For our Saturday night banquet, we have met our room contract commitments but are short of the contracted amount. Many have booked rooms, but some have not yet booked meals. We need those booked immediately along with those who will only attend the breakfast or the banquet meals. Please submit your registration forms (attached) immediately.

As always, your support by attending is greatly appreciated. So many showed their enthusiasm for returning to San Diego and therefore, we overestimated our attendance when contracts were signed last year. Because our group is quite large, it is necessary to contract far in advance to secure meeting space.

We have a few who would like to attend but are financially unable to do so. If you cannot attend but would like to support someone else, please send us a check donation of $25 to $50 with designation for a Reunion Meal. See information under treasurer’s report on how and where to send the check.

                                                          -- Dotti Schloss (Ron JC50), Editor

Incoming Chairman's Report - Reunion 2011 Bob Downs '61

I'm extremely honored to take the reins from Howard Nelson, who did an excellent job in heading our Alumni Association for the last two years. The BMA Reunion in San Diego was probably one of the more difficult ones due to the economic conditions we all find ourselves in at this time. Attendance seemed to be down a little but the enthusiasm of those who came from all over the U.S. more than made up for it. The meetings were well attended, as was the Memorial Service at the old school location in Pacific Beach. Finally, the evening session was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks Howard!!!

I've been doing a lot of thinking and my main goals for this two-year term are as follows:

  • Increase attendance of the Glendora Cadets.
  • Create more activities that our spouses will love and participate in.
  • Reduce the overall costs for the hotel and meals.
  • Consider other locations including, but not limited to, Laughlin, Nev., Palm Springs, Calif., and Ensenada, Mexico (at Nice Saad's '56 lovely hotel, The San Nicolas.

Gary Moore '63 and I combined our efforts to produce detailed rosters. I have now assigned some projects to a few cadets to update these cadet rosters (get updated addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) and to try to locate as many cadets as possible who we are "still searching for" using Google and other search engines. Hopefully most of this will be accomplished before our first BMA Alumni Association Committee Meeting in October. At that time, we will consider sending out a questionnaire/survey in order to receive your input.


As you can see, there is a lot of work ahead and volunteers are encouraged to contact me, Dotti Schloss, or another committee member. We need you!! I've attended every alumni reunion since 1993 except for two. I only say this because I want to encourage you to start saving so you can attend the next one. Each Reunion several, who have never attended a Reunion before, show up. Two years ago, Don Glennie '62 came for the first time. He was so happy to be there. He passed away two weeks later. What a loss had he decided not to attend.

BOB "THE DUCK" DOWNS '6, rmdowns@cox.net Or mail to: 18012 N 54th Ln., Glendale, AZ 85308-1355


Alumni Directory- An up-to-date directory was distributed to all those who attended the Reunion. If you wish a copy of this newest edition of the Directory, it can be accomplished in one of two ways: Those of you with e-mail can send a note to me at bmaalumni@gmail.com and request a copy of the current directory. I can send it to you in a Excel worksheet or in comma separated values for you to format it the way you want.

For those of you who are not computer nerds, you can still get a copy, but it will cost you. The cost of printing and mailing requires that we ask for a contribution of $5.00 to cover this work. No labor cost is included!

DOUG HALBERT '50, bmaalumni@gmail.com or mail to: 518 Hilinai St., Wailuku

TREASURER'S REPORT- Richard Parker '64

I would like to thank all the people who helped make this reunion so successful. A special thanks to Rm and Dotti Schloss 'JC50, Gary Moore '63, Doug Halbert '50, Skip and Penny Brown '64, all the committee members that were able to make it to the meetings, and, of course, our 2009 Chairman, Howard Nelson.

The committee would also like to thank the members that contributed to our fund since the last Newsletter: John Aston '62, Bob Barbour '56, John Barnett '56, Jim Bramhill '58, Larry Curti '56, Mary Bright Englebrecht, L.D. Faas '54, Bart Hilliard '61, Arnie Kachok '49, James Kelly '49, Mike McCray '66, Bill Rogers '61, Nico Saad '56, John Sloan'50, Nick Smith '65, Gary Solis '59, Dana WaDer '58, C.V. Wood ill '63 and "Anonymous". If I missed anyone, please know we all appreciate your support. Thanks Again.



BEGINNING BALANCE - 4/23/08     $1876.39
CONTRIBUTIONS $1963.00   $3839.39
REGISTRATION FEES $7796.00   $11635.39
PRINTING & MAILING   $1959.26 $9676.13
SERVICE CHARGES -12 MONTHS   $24.00 $9652.13
FINAL BALANCE AS OF 5/12/09     $3441.95


E-mail: usparker@att.net
Or mail to 986 Colby Circle, Corona, CA 92880-7353

Memorabilia Table

Our Memorabilia Display at the Reunion was spectacular. Six tables and still not enough room for all the great stuff. There, of course, were lots of pictures of past events, and eras, along with yearbooks, school newsletters, uniforms, sabers and this year even an M-1 Garrand!!! There is really no limit to what shows up, from collector plates to post cards of the old school.

The memorabilia is graciously donated by lots of folks from almost every year BMA existed. Some bring cherished personal items for display and others may send me packages of real treasures from their closets and attics. Either way we are grateful. Thanks to all. We are assembling a really amazing archive.

If you have anything you don't want to keep, the items may be donated to the Alumni Association to display each year. Thanks to everyone.

GARY MOORE '63, garyRmoore@earthlink.net Or mail to 3200 Estado St., Pasadena, CA 91107-2916


I just want to say thanks to so many who have provided me with great information for this newsletter over these past ten years (with Judy Parker and Janice Lewis filling in for two of those years and Gary Moore assisting with the Photo Edition for the 2003 Reunion which he chaired). I signed on in 1999 at the reunion chaired by Ed Gotthelf. You have made my life easier by keeping in touch. I do regret I will have to keep some correspondence, final taps, and Reunion photos for the next newsletter in October as space didn't permit and photos need some work. Remember, we want to hear from you. Send your information to me at: DOTTI SCHLOSS, EDITOR, dottibmanews@aol.com Or mail to: 2765 Gilbert Avenue, Corona, CA 92881


Although we have correspondence that must wait until October, we do just want to give our well wishes to Mitzi Zuckerman (Roy '50) who has had repeat cataract surgery with multi-focal lenses implanted; to Patrick (Babbitt) Burke '60 who has had a four-way bypass open heart surgery in April, and to AI Owings' 44 and Lorrin Nichols '62 who are both recovering nicely. Keep in touch with updates, OK?


Our condolences to Sandy Pratt and to the family of Dr. Russell Murray Pratt, M.D. who passed away in May of this year. We will include a write-up of his life in our next newsletter.

We have also learned of the passing of Tom Shultz Hope '54, a good friend of Howard Nelson.

The 2009 BMA Reunion was held at the DoubleTree Hilton in Mission Valley, San Diego.

See Photos

Note to All: Mike McCray '66 has offered to put together the many BMA cadet stories already shared at the reunion as well as any others which are sent to him. So to include your story, contact Mike at Mike.McCray@oomc.com or mail it to him at 15589 Critalino St., Hacienda Hgts., CA 91745-5920. Serious or funny, they will be included.

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