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Summer Studies Trip 2015

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Summer Studies Trip 2015: Berlin, Dresden and Saxony

During the summer of 2015, Illustration and Photography students spent 4 weeks in the beautiful, interesting, multicultural, historically rich, metropolitan city of Berlin (and hometown of Mr. Pohle).  Professors Neal Holland and Peter Pohle led the trip.

Berlin is known for its political cold war and World War 2 history. Berlin has also become one of the major players in art and fashion. Mr. Pohle, a native of Berlin, provided a lot of in-depth insight into the political and cultural history. This was not the typical tourist type of visit but an inside track to regular life in Berlin. The team rented an apartment and learned what regular life in Berlin is like. Students learned quickly to be independent and use public transportation to get around in a foreign city. We visited some famous museums, and experience the richness of many different ethnic groups and cultures in Berlin. Day trips during the Berlin Saxony Studies trip included a trip to Potsdam and the Sanssouci Palace.

In addition to Berlin we spent 1 week in Saxony’s “Switzerland”. Not far from Dresden, a historic city of cultural importance is the Elbe rivers sandstone region with high cliffs and rocks. Many historic painters have visited and painted this scenery. A 100 kilometer long hiking trail in the region is named the “painters path”. The time was spent get a break from the city, see some gorgeous nature and finish up the class projects.

2015 Summer Studies Trip

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