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Internship Requirements

Expectations & Suggestions

According to the JBU 2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog, the following majors require an internship:

Digital Cinema 

Graphic Design


Please note that the Digital Cinema major requires BOTH an Internship and a Senior Comprehensive Project. Please see Mr. Snediker for information about the Senior Project.

What is an Internship?

In order to earn three hours of credit and fulfill the requirements of your degree you will secure an internship in the field of your major and satisfactorily complete a minimum of 135 hours of work.

The company that you work for does not need to have an established internship program, nor do they need to go out of their way to provide any special educational opportunities. Our expectation is simply that you will be allowed to work in the creative environment of your field and that you will be working with/for a professional in the field.

An internship is not simply professional practice — you must have a supervisor who is a professional in your field of cinema, photography, graphic design or web design. For instance, we will not approve a position where you will be the expert at this organization.

Learning Expectations

Some examples of the kinds of learning experiences that you should expect might include some of the following:
1. Experiences related to deadlines and workflow expectations
2. Experiences related to client relationships
3. Experiences related to teamwork
4. Experiences related to critique of your work
5. Experiences related to production needs
6. Experiences related to business specific equipment and software

Expectations for employers.

Art IntershipArt Intership

Discuss Internship options with your advisor

Your internship must be pre-approved by your advisor. If an opportunity presents itself during the summer, get in touch via phone, email or mail with your advisor or Mr. Andrus before assuming that the internship will qualify. It would be best to begin discussing options by the beginning of your junior year.

To receive Internship credit:

Most students will complete their internship during the summer before their senior year or during their senior year. It would generally not be wise to attempt to satisfy this requirement before your junior year.

If you will be doing your internship during the summer before your senior year or in the fall of your senior year you should register for this course in the spring of your junior year when registering for your fall senior year classes.

ART4423 Internship is not a regular course at JBU.

ART 4423 does not meet as a regular class. You have 3 obligations in order to receive credit. These obligations are to be met by the end of the semester.

1. Secure an approved internship (approved by your adviser) and complete the JBU Internship Approval Form prior to commencing work.

2. Satisfactorily complete a minimum of 135 hours of work at this internship and, upon completion, send an email to Mr Andrus giving him the name and email address of your supervisor so he can send them the Internship Supervisor Survey.

3. Write a substantial and intelligent paper describing your learning experience. This paper may take the form of a journal or blog if you like. Papers should be several pages long and should not only describe your company and your position there but should discuss the kinds of learning experiences you had. What did you learn at your internship that you did not learn in school? Samples of your work are welcome as well.

We must have your Internship Approval Form, the Internship Supervisor survey from your supervisor, and your paper by the end of the semester. When we have all three, we will be able to inform the registrar's office that you have completed your internship and you will receive a grade of S for ART 4423 and will receive 3 hours of credit. This credit will have no impact on your GPA.

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