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Gallery Archive 2018

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Vortex by Joel Armstrong

Armstrong is best-known for his "wire drawings," and his work is frequently seen in galleries and art centers throughout Northwest Arkansas and across the country. Now that he is officially retired, he is pursuing a full schedule of gallery shows and installations. On the subject of retirement, Joel remarks in his Vortex artist statement,
"Arriving at the actual point of retirement, I find myself both excite and petrified at the unknown and lack of control. Being an artist is such an honor, and something I have wanted to do since I was young. Always afraid to take the big step- now that I am doing it I am fighting the same fear, but have to trust that God has led me to this place. I metaphorically can see my past as pieces of art circle through the gallery- uncontrolled, unbridled, and unstoppable. With a world that can be defined by the same terms, I can only move on with my eyes on God."
          When: This exhibit will be on display from January 18 to February 11
          Where: Windgate Visual Arts West
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