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Student Works Show 2017

Annual student show featuring work from Graphic Design, Digital Cinema, Photography and Illustration Majors. 

February 17 - March 16

Student Works




"Illustrators 58"

January 17 - February 10




"Different Paths, Same Direction: JBU Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit"

This collection of artwork represents recent work created by faculty members. “It displays the amazing breadth of creativity and depth of talent among members of our faculty”, said Charles Peer, gallery director and faculty member. “We purposefully schedule a faculty exhibit every three years so our students and community can see that all of us continue to work in our chosen artistic media as well as teach. We strongly believe that the concentrated involvement with our chosen medium help us to grow artistically and makes us better teachers. This one of the unique strengths of our department.”




"The Hutcheson Collection: From the Eye of an Artist"

"I believe that art is a journey but you never reach your destination because, with every painting, you learn new lessons."   -Dede Hutcheson

The JBU Visual Arts Department is honored to host the exhibit, The Hutcheson Collection: From the Eye of an Artist, which represents Bill and Dede Hutcheson’s collection of paintings by some of the masters of figurative painting both in the US and in Europe.  This collection, which is being exhibited for the very first time, includes forty-seven paintings by such notable artists as Richard Schmid, John Asaro, Kevin McPherson, Raymond Kinstler, Dan McCaw, Burton Silverman, Charles Sovek, Camille Przewodek and Matt Smith . 

 Charles Peer, JBU Gallery Director said, ““This is a very unique opportunity to view a collection of paintings collected by one individual, Dede Hutcheson.  Mrs. Hutcheson, an artist in her own right, has gotten to know most of the artists through exhibitions and visits to their studios.  She has also studied with a number of them including MacPherson, Roberts, Przewodek and Peggi Kroll Roberts.  Through her love for oil painting, and particularly working en plein air, she has developed a passion for color and for the expressive brushstroke.  Her keen aesthetic judgment, along with her interest in figurative artwork, is reflective in this collection - the pieces she has chosen to surround herself with on a daily basis.  Although there is a great variety in style, subject and media, her personal perspective adds a wonderful unity to the exhibit.”  Peer added, “One element that I believe gives a rich insight into the eye of an art collector is that each painting is accompanied with a statement on how she came to own the piece and/or what she finds particularly wonderful about the work.”

 “I know that will be an exhibit that will appeal to everyone.  It is a joy to be able to host artwork of this quality for the purposes of inspiring our students to find their own voice in the artwork that they feel connected to and to striving for the highest of quality.  It is also a collection that each member of the community will find beautiful and enriching.”, said Peer.

Hutcheson Collection


"Return From Exile: Contemporary Southeastern Indian Art"

amazing exhibit but together by many artists including JBU faculty Bobby C. Martin

Return From Exile

By The Olive Trees

photography exhibit by Ben Rasmussen



Student Works Show 2016

Student Works Show 2016 - February-March 2016

This is the annual student show featuring work from our Graphic Design, Digital Cinema, Photography, and Illustration majors.

Student Works Show 2016


Touch, Anoint, Heal: God with Us

"Touch, Anoint, Heal: God with Us" - January-February 2016

Featuring CIVA: Christians in the Visual Arts