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Erin Shaw

"Seasoned Threads" - November 2014

Paintings by Erin Shaw

Through her strongly horizontal and richly colored paintings, Erin Shaw deals with the dualities we all carry inside of us through visual storytelling. The colors, textures and messages of the artwork are a feast to the eyes.


Timothy Botts

"Bound for Glory" - October 2014

Calligraphy by Timothy Botts

Celebrating the gift of African American spirituals through expressive calligraphy.



Saturation Point 2

"Saturation Point 2: Where Color and Composition Meet" - September 2014

Paintings by Robin Hazard Bishop




Illustrators 55

"Illustrators 55: Society of Illustrators" - April 2014

Student Works Show: Feb-Mar 2014

Digital Art, Fine Art, Illustration, Digital Cinema, Graphic Design, and Photography of JBU Art Students

"Cloth Journey" - Jan-Feb 2014

Shirley Cunningham: Artist in Cloth

cloth journey

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