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Perceptions of Being

"Perceptions of Being"

Selected works by Tony Tiger & John Brown University Visual Arts professor Bobby Martin.

Perceptions of Being

Bula Kia Ora

"Bula & Kia Ora"

Photography & design form the summer 2009 Fiji/New Zealand studies trip.

Bula Kia

Watercolor thumbnail

Watercolors from the Permanent Collection of the Arkansas Arts Center

Watercolors from many different southern artists.


Hallmark 25 ways to make a print

Hallmark - 25 Ways to Make a Print

An exhibition of postwar and contemporary art which showcases a wide array of printmaking techniques.


Figures in Flux cover

Mike Nichols - "Figures in Flux"

Pastel paintings from Western Kentucky University professor Mike Nichols.

Mike Nichols - "Figures in Flux"

student Works

Charles Peer - "Views from the Journey"

Pastel paintings from JBU art professor and gallery curator Charles Peer.

Charles Peer - "Views from the Journey"

student Works

Student Works Show

Student Works Show 2009

 peter dombrovskis

Peter Dombrovskis - "International Photography Hall of Fame"

Photos from the collection of the International Photography Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Peter Dombrovskis

 Dan Addington

"Monument and Memory" - Dan Addington

Addington explores the use of alternative, often organic materials like wax, tar, wood, and fabric in his paintings.

Dan Addington


 Longing and Hope

"Longing and Hope"

Paintings by Janet McKenzie of Vermont.

Longing and Hope


Art of the New Music Poster

"Graphic Content: Art of the New Music Poster"

Posters curated by Dirk Fowler, Texas Tech University."

Graphic Content: Art of the New Music Poster


Joel Sheesley

"The View from Here" by Joel Sheesley

Paintings by Wheaton University professor Joel Sheesley.

Joel Sheesley


Society of Illustrators

"Society of Illustrators" - An Historical Look

A collection of unique illustrated pieces from many accomplished artists.

Society of Illustrators


 Spain Photos

"Real Spain"

A compilation of photos taken by students while on a studies trip to Malaga, Spain.




"Liturgical Art Forms in a Post-Modern Context" by Wayne Forte

Paintings by California artist Wayne Forte.

Wayne Forte


500 Years of Printmaking

"500 Years of Printmaking"

From the Sandra and Robert Bowden collection.

500 Years of Printmaking


Points of View

"Points of View"

Mixed media artwork collaboration by the visual arts faculty.

Points of View


Fly Now

"Fly Now"

Aviation Posters from the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum.

Fly Now



Makoto Fujimura - "Splendor"

A unique display from Makoto Fujimura containing a unique style of painting using gold, silver, and minerals.

Makoto Fujimura - Refractions


Typographic Progression

A Biblical Progression vs. Typographic Interpretation

A compilation of John Brown University students' work from the Junior level graphic design class "Typography."

Typographic Progression vs. Biblical Interpretation


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