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Classrooms For All Art Majors

Graphic Design Classrooms

We have two similarly configured classrooms for Graphic Design in Art West, as well as a multipurpose classroom in Art East. We use these rooms for design work, lecture/discussion and critique of student work. In some classes the student work is printed, matted and hung on the cork-board wall for critique. In other classes the work is saved as electronic files on the school network, and critiqued through the use of the large screen television or projector.

Art East Multipurpose Classroom

Drawing and Painting Rooms

We are blessed with two very large studios on the third floor of Art East that accommodates all of our drawing and painting classes. There is lots of natural light, skylights that can be open or shut and many different configurations of spotlights.

Art East Drawing Classroom

Illustration Classroom

Art East features a large illustration classroom with adjustable architectural tables for use in many different drawing and illustration projects.

Art East Illustration Classroom

Art East Illustration ClassroomArt East Illustration Classroom

Digital Cinema Theater Classroom

We have one theater-style classroom in Art West with 45 seats, a large screen, a projector and a surround-sound system. This room can be used for lecture-type classes, art history, cinematography and as a screening room for student digital cinema projects.

Art West Theater Classroom

Lighting Classroom

Art West Room 104 doubles as a Lighting Classroom for Digital Cinema and Photography students and a Photography Portrait Studio, used both for classes and student projects.

Art West Lighting Classroom

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