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Bachelor's + MBA

4 + 1

All four of our majors in the Visual Arts Department offer the valuable opportunity to combine your undergraduate degree with graduate business courses in order to allow you to complete an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) in one more year. In 5 years you could have both a Bachelors degree in the Visual Art AND an MBA! In addition, it is worth noting that all of the 5th year classes in the MBA program are offered both on-campus and online meaning that you could finish your Bachelors in Art & Illustration or Digital Cinema or Graphic Design or Photography and then move away from Siloam Springs, begin your career, and finish your MBA from anywhere in the world. You also do not have to complete the MBA in one year (although you could), you can take up to 8 years! In addition to the time savings you are also getting 12 hours of graduate credit for free as a part of your undergraduate tuition. Click on one of the links below to see the specific details.


Bachelor in Illustration + Master in Business Administration


Bachelor in Fine Arts + Master in Business Administration


Bachelor in Digital Cinema + Master in Business Administration


Bachelor in Graphic Design + Master in Business Administration


 Bachelor in Photography + Master in Business Administration



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