By-Laws - Alumni Association Board

Alumni Association Board of Directors By-Laws

Amended Fall 2011


ARTICLE I - Purpose
ARTICLE II - Board of Directors
ARTICLE III - Officers
ARTICLE IV - Standing Committees
ARTICLE V - Nominating Committee and Elections
ARTICLE VI - Meetings


Section 1

The purpose of the By-laws is to articulate the roles and responsibilities of the Alumni Board of  Directors.



Section 1

Alumni Board of Directors’ Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Attend bi-annual Alumni Board meetings and participate in bi-annual phone conferencing.
2. Support JBU annually, to whatever extent is financially possible, while serving on the board.
3. Develop future Alumni Board leadership by participating in a mentoring program to new Board members.
4. Represent JBU in respective churches and local communities.
5. Participate in Homecoming and Regional Alumni Chapter Events and Activities.
6. Serve on a minimum of one Standing Committee while on the Alumni Board.
7. Be a member of JBU’s Prayer Network.

Section 2

The Alumni Director is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.
1. The Board of Directors should NOT assume the Alumni Director will carry out individual or committee responsibilities.
2. The Alumni Director’s main responsibility to the Board of Directors is to communicate new policies or programs for which the University wants to establish the Alumni Board’s involvement.
3. The Board of Directors works with the Alumni Director in planning and assisting Homecoming Activities.
4. The Alumni Director will provide annual reports for the past year’s alumni activities.
5. The Alumni Director will consult with the Board Officers as needed, to ensure that University policies and standards are maintained.



Section 1

The President shall:

1. Work with the President Elect, the Secretary and the Alumni Director to determine specific agenda items for Board meetings and conference calls
1.1. Send an agenda to AB members two to three weeks, prior to scheduled meetings and through email, prior to conference call, inform members of topics to be discussed.

2. Preside over AB meetings and phone conferencing.

3. Determine dates and times for teleconferencing with the President Elect, Secretary and when necessary, the Alumni Director.

4. Appoint Standing Committee Chairpersons and roster of proposed members for each committee.
4.1. Each Board member has the option to volunteer for a preferred Alumni Board committee, but is not assured of receiving that assignment because of position limitations.

5. Preside over the nominating committee.
5.1. The President will be responsible to see that the Board has the necessary number of members.
5.2. Actively lead in finding and contacting prospects for Board membership.

6. Shall administer the Oath to each new member of the Board and present their name tag.

7. Interview, by phone or in person, the final candidates for Board membership before the Board votes.
7.1. After voting is held, shall send a formal letter of congratulations to notify of recent election to the AB.

8. Shall send a formal letter of congratulations to the OAA recipient, insure recipient’s attendance for Homecoming, and work with the award recipient in writing a bio, which will be read at the Showcase Dinner/Presentation.
8.1. OAA Recipient will be asked to speak to the AB at the Friday business meeting.
8.2. Send a formal congratulatory letter to other AB Award winners and insures their participation in the Award ceremonies.

9. Present Outstanding Alumnus Award (OAA)/ Hand, Heart, Hand Award (HHH) at the Showcase Presentation or designate a substitute. 

10. Appoint individual members to perform specific additional work for the Board, as needed.

11. Be responsible for new member orientation explaining the Alumni Board’s Standing Committees, the Board of Trustees’ Standing Committees, and the AB Reference Guide.

12. Assign new members to a Mentor.
12.1. Mentors will be selected alphabetically from the Board Roster, keeping BoT committee assignments in mind.
12.2. Hold new member orientation 30 minutes prior to regularly scheduled meetings. Following orientation, the new member will meet and accompany the Board Mentor.
12.3. The new member(s) will serve:
12.3.1. The first year, side by side, with his/her Mentor in their respective committees.
12.3.2. The second year, the new member will be allowed to request the committees (BoT and the Alumni Board’s Standing Committee) on which he/she wants to serve.        
12.3.3.   Each request will be subject to committee availability as determined by the President.

13. Shall serve as an At-Large member on all committees.

14. Appoint a Board member as our “Content Manager” who will work with the Alumni Office in keeping the Alumni site current.
14.1 Content Manager will give yearly progress reports at the Homecoming meeting.
14.2 Content Manager reports are to be sent to the President one month prior to the semi-annual meetings.

15. Shall send monthly updates of Board activities and progress to AB Members

Section 2

The President-Elect shall:

1. Be Chairperson for the Homecoming Committee
2. Work with the President concerning planned agendas
3. Be a member of the nominating committee
4. Be responsible for planning and executing a farewell ceremony for the outgoing President, presenting a small gift funded by the JBU Alumni budget.

Section 3

The secretary shall:

1. Record the official minutes for Board meetings and circulate the same to the Board members.

2 .Be a member of the nominating committee.

3. Provide copies of any reports or pertinent information to Board members, which should be included in the Alumni Board Reference Guide.
3.1. The Secretary shall forward pertinent information to the Board members, two weeks prior to the bi-annual meetings.

4. Shall keep a digital file of the roster information of Board members, including the years of service on the Board

5. Coordinate with the Director the number of Alumni Reference Guides and nametags for new Board members.

6. Shall keep a digital file of all submitted Alumni Board applications.

7. Shall keep a digital file of all submitted biographies of all candidates for AB awards (i.e. OAA, CAA, CMA, CSA, and OSA)

8. Work with the Pres-Elect on the Homecoming Committee

9. Secretary will see to the selection of an Outstanding Senior (OSA)
9.1. Notify Dean of Students that it is time to select an Outstanding Senior and the nomine’s name is due to AB secretary by September 10.
9.1.1. The Dean asks the faculty to nominate a current senior, stating reasons why the student should be the recipient of the Award and submit the names to him by September 7.
9.1.2. The Dean selects a faculty member to help him make the final selection
9.2. Send the Dean a list of the selection criteria:
9.2.1. A current senior and alumnus(a), nominated by faculty and staff, who they believe to fit the following criteria
9.2.2. Exemplary character, displaying responsibility, dependability and caring attitude
9.2.3. A person who has given their time to the JBU community
9.2.4. One who values his/her peers.
9.2.5. A person who exhibits strong and active personal faith in Jesus Christ
9.3. When the secretary receives the name of the Award winner, the President shall be immediately notified who will then contact the award winner and parents.
9.3.1. The Secretary will be responsible to get information from the OSA for publication.
9.3.2. The winner’s name is sent to the AB members for approval no later than two weeks prior to the Award ceremony.
9.4. The secretary makes arrangements for the OSA’s name to be placed on the award.



Section 1

The Standing Committees of the Alumni Board shall be comprised of Board members and Officers. The Standing Committees are:

1. Homecoming Committee - Plans Homecoming activities, class reunions, including the Showcase Evening’s events.
1.1. Homecoming reports are to be sent to the President, one month prior to the bi-annual meetings.
1.1.1. HC Chairman will give brief HIGHLIGHTS of the upcoming Homecoming events at the October meeting.
1.1.2. HC Chairman will give a brief summary of the past Homecoming events at the Spring meeting.
1.2. The HC Chairman will coordinate with Board members to serve as spokespersons for each Homecoming event.
1.2.1. At the Spring meeting, board members will be appointed responsibilities for the Homecoming Weekend.
1.3. HC Chairman will coordinate all committee activities with the Director prior to the implementation.
1.4. Process for nomination for the Outstanding Alumnus Award (OAA), Career Achievement Award (CAA), Christian Service Award (CSA), and Christian Ministry Award (CMA) (See Appendix 1)
1.4.1. Contact possible nominees by phone or email to see if nominee will complete and send in an application
1.4.2. Sends the application (mail or email) to the nominee Application for CAA, CSA, and CMA nominees (see Appendix 2) Application for the OAA nominees (see Appendix 3)
1.4.3. Applicant shall complete and submit the application to AB Secretary
1.4.4. Homecoming Committee considers all applications. The recommendations will be sent to the Board members for review prior to the Spring meeting
1.4.5. Final voting on the nominees will be at the Spring meeting
1.4.6. The President contacts all Award winners: OAA, CAA, CMA, CSA and OSA.
1.4.7. Extra information may be gathered on the winners and a picture is to be submitted by e-mail for the booklet and individual presentation at Homecoming.
1.4.8. The President will hand out the OAA Award and the Pres. Elect, along with the Secretary, will read bio’s and hand out the other Awards at the Showcase/Dinner Presentation. Other board members may announce awards at the Showcase Presentation.

2. Alumni Network Committee (ANC) - Focuses on establishing, with the Alumni Director, and maintaining regional JBU Alumni chapters.
2.1 Alumni Network Membership Application, Alumni Network Guidelines and Alumni Network Checklist (see Appendix 4, 5, 6) will be maintained on the Alumni web site.
2.2 Alumni Director will forward membership applications to the ANC’s Chairperson (the AB’s representative).
2.2.1. The AB representative will have a phone interview with the possible host to discuss the Alumni Network Chapter.
2.3. Acceptance of a host and chapter will be determined between the Alumni Director and the AB representative.
2.4. Once a host and chapter are determined, the AB representative will then discuss and emphasis the Alumni Network Checklist procedures are to be followed.
2.5. The AB representative will give full support, guidance and maintain each chapter follows the criteria that has been set forth.
2.6. Will provide an annual Alumni Highlight (story and picture) to Brown Bulletin, working with the editor.
2.7. Provide information to the Brown Bulletin listing future regional Alumni Network events.
2.8. Will give a full report at the Homecoming meeting on the Alumni Network events and activities.
2.9. ANC reports are to be sent to the President, one month prior to the bi-annual meetings.

3. Committed to Care Committee {CCC} - Reaches out to Alums who have had a recent traumatic or praise-worthy experience and need an encouraging word, spiritual uplifting or note of congratulations.
3.1. Keeps the Board informed and relays prayer requests concerning Board members.
3.2. Establishes guidelines for outreach to Alums.
3.3. Invites a guest to open our bi-annual meetings with a devotional.
3.4. Stays in contact with the Director concerning needs of Alums.
3.5. At the spring meeting, CCC chair will give a yearly report of activities and contacts made.
3.6. CCC reports are to be sent to the President, one month prior to the bi-annual meetings.

4. Alumni Growth and Development (AGD) -  To assist and encourage Alumni Board members to participate and be proactive; to increase the number of alumni contributors; to coordinate efforts with the office of University Advancement.
4.1. To expand and further develop the Alumni base of contributors with a goal of 100% participation.
4.2 . Re-connect with Alumni to increase the percentage of participatory alumni giving
4.3. Encourage new Alumni and existing students to begin the habit of giving financially.
4.4. Develop strategies and plans to be presented to the Alumni Board which will encourage
additional gifts, helping to attain the overall goal of the increased percentage of alumni gifts.
4.5. Will present a yearly report of objectives completed and new goals for the upcoming year at the Spring meeting.
4.6. AGD reports are to be sent to the President, one month prior to the bi-annual meetings.

5. Special Projects Committee (SPC)
5.1.1. Present outside projects for possible Alumni Board adoption and involvement.
5.1.2. Projects must have outlined specific goals that focus on JBU faculty, students, alumni or the JBU campus.
5.2.1. SPC develops a list of projects that have been previously recommended by JBU faculty, students or alumni for possible committee consideration.
5.2.2. SPC will work with all school sponsored organizations and school staff lead mission groups to find resolution in project development and implementation, when applicable.
5.2.3.  Research project’s goal/s determine feasibility of AB involvement:
      A. Who initially recommended the project?
      B. Who will benefit from the project?
      C. Where will the project take place?
      D. Why is the project necessary?
      E. What is the expected length of time for completion?
      F. What is the projected cost of the project?
      G. How can the AB lend support?
5.2.4. Upon AB approval of a project, SPC will immediately begin implementing strategic steps to meet the project’s goals.
5.2.5. Yearly reports will be given concerning all projects, at the spring meeting.
5.2.6. SPC reports are to be sent to the President, one month prior to the bi-annual meetings.

Section 2

Each Standing Committee Chairperson will be appointed by the President of the Board.
1. In case of a vacancy, the President will appoint a replacement.
2. Each Standing Committee Chairperson will submit a written report to the President one month prior to the bi-annual meetings.



Section 1

Criteria for Board Member nomination is:

1.1. Completion of a JBU degree.
1.2. Made a financial contribution to the University in the past and will continue contributions (of any amount) while a member of the Alumni Board.
1.3. Commit to attend the fall and spring meetings.

Section 2

Process for nominating new Board members:

2.1. Board member communicates board responsibilities – Art. II, Sect. 1 - with potential new member to determine their eligibility and interest in applying for a board position.
2.2. Applicant shall complete and submit the application to a board member or the Director.
2.3. Applications that meet the criteria should be submitted to the Nominating Committee.
2.4. The Nominating Committee considers all applications.
2.5. Recommended applications will be reviewed by the AB members and a vote on the nominee/s will take place at a regularly scheduled business meeting, email or through a phone conference call.
2.6. The President will send a “Letter of Congratulations” to the new member; appoint the new member to a BoT standing committee; and assign a Mentor to the new member.
2.7. The Secretary will send copies of the JBU Alumni Board Constitution, By Laws and the most recent copy of the AB minutes.

Section 3

Unexpected vacancy on the Board
3.1. The unexpired term of the Voting Director who is leaving the Board may be filled by an appointee, chosen by the Nominating Committee and University representative as needed.



Section 1

Meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Section 2

2.1. Attendance is required for the bi-annual (spring and fall) AB meetings on campus.
2.2. An excused absence includes illness, having a new baby, surgery, death in the family or any other serious reason, approved by the three AB officers. Absentee should contact the AB President regarding absence.
2.3. Missing two unexcused, consecutive meetings on campus, will result in automatic resignation.


Appendix 1 - Alumni Board Awards

1. Outstanding Alumnus (a) of the Year (OAA)
1.1. Must have graduated from JBU at least 10 years before eligible
1.2. Reflect the Christian standards and ideals of JBU in public and private life.
1.3. Have attained outstanding occupational achievement, or have a record of accomplishment which, as a product of JBU, will be impressive or noteworthy.
1.4. Demonstrate leadership in Christian and secular communities.
1.5. Demonstrate loyalty to and an interest in JBU.
1.6. Is a loyal supporter of JBU
1.7. Must be available to attend Homecoming to receive the award

2. Career Achievement Award (Head)
2.1. Must have graduated from JBU at least 20 years before eligible
2.2. Displays leadership, responsibility and expertise in his/her profession
2.3. The individual’s personal lifestyle exhibits exemplary character
2.4.  Has achieved considerable feats in his/her field of expertise or profession
2.5. Is a loyal supporter of John Brown University
2.6. Must be available to attend Homecoming to receive the award

3. Christian Ministry Award ((Heart)
3.1. Currently or has been in full time Christian ministry
3.2.  Must have obtained a degree from JBU or the JBU Graduate School
3.3. Supports and upholds the JBU principles
3.4. Reflects obedience and dedication to Christ in every facet of his or her life.
3.5. Exhibits integrity, spiritual maturity, stature.  
3. 6. If the person is a missionary, they do not have to be present to accept the award, but a family member should be there in the recipient’s place

4. Christian Service Award (Hand)
4.1. Longevity of service and type of contribution should be considered
4.2.  May not have obtained a degree from JBU or the JBU Graduate School, however, must have served JBU in some manner (faculty or staff)
4.3.  Must have a life and conduct that reflects Christian Character based on Biblical principles
4.4. When the achievement of a married couple is so integrated and dependent upon another’s service, they will receive a combined award. They may be considered individually, each receiving their own award as well.
4.5. The recipient(s) must be present to accept the award if still living, otherwise, a family member may accept the award.

5. Outstanding Senior Award (OSA)
5.1. A current senior and alumnus(a), nominated by faculty and staff, who they believe to fit the following criteria
5.2. Exemplary character, displaying responsibility, dependability and caring attitude
5.3. A person who has given their time to the JBU community
5.4. One who values his/her peers
5.5. A person who exhibits strong and active personal faith in God.


Appendix 2 - Application questions for CAA, CSA, and CMA nominee includes:

1. What brought you to JBU?
2. When did you graduate from JBU?
3. Tell about two people who influenced you while at JBU and how they had an impact on your life.
4. Tell about one “unforgettable” experience you had at JBU (funny, exciting, embarrassing, etc.).
5. What have you been doing since you graduated from JBU?
6. Tell about your church involvement and other philanthropic involvement.
7. What would you say, besides salvation, is the highlight of your life or career?
8. Briefly tell about your family.
9. Would you be able to attend Homecoming this year (or in the coming year/s as the case may be).
10. If Award winner is deceased or a missionary out of the country, would a family member be able to attend the Homecoming Awards Presentation, to receive the award posthumously or instead of. Omit this for the OAA and CAA nominees (who MUST be present).
11. Please attach with application a short recommendation from your Pastor or a member of his staff. If applicant is a Pastor, please have one of  your Deacons write a short recommendation.


Appendix 3 - Application questions for the OAA nominee includes:

1. What brought you to JBU?
2. When did you graduate from JBU?                       
3. Tell about two people who influenced you while at JBU and how they had an impact on your life.
4. Tell about one “unforgettable” experience you had at JBU (funny, exciting, embarrassing, etc.).
5. What have you been doing since you graduated from JBU?
6. Tell about your church involvement and other philanthropic involvement.
7. What would you say, besides salvation, is the highlight of your life?
8. What would you say is the highlight of your career?
10. Would you be able to come to Homecoming this year?
11. Please provide us with a reference from your pastor or a member of your staff. If applicant is the pastor, please have a Deacon write a letter of reference.


Appendix 4 - JOHN BROWN UNIVERSITY Alumni Relations: Alumni Network

1. Purpose
Alumni Network Chapters provide the opportunity for alumni to participate in the life of the university within their city or region. Possible activities may include attending university events, hosting prospective student/parent receptions or college fairs, advocating JBU in their church and para-church organizations, as well as involving themselves with current students through the alumni career network.

Alumni Network Chapters play a vital role in supporting the Alumni Director.  Being a part of an Alumni Network Chapter also provides an excellent way of reconnecting and keeping alumni involved on a regular basis.

2. Guidelines
Alumni Network Chapters will host between 1-2 gatherings/events a year, which will be coordinated by the Alumni Board’s, Alumni Network Committee (ANC).  Chapter leadership will be made up of core alumni who express interest in establishing a JBU Alumni Network Chapter in their area. Chapters are volunteer-based, partner with the office of Alumni Director and the Alumni Board.  When an Alumni Board member lives in the vicinity, he/she will be part of the leadership.  It is advisable to have a minimum of two alumni in core leadership to coordinate the implementation of chapter events.                                                                                                                                      

The types of opportunities for alumni to get together will be as diverse as the alumni represented.  Not only may events be originated and planned by/for alumni, but chapter members are encouraged to work within established organizations/events where JBU alumni could meet and enjoy time together. Each gathering should be in accordance with JBU standards and each chapter should covenant to honorably represent Christ and John Brown University. When planning an event, alumni demographics need to be considered. An important component of the success of an alumni chapter will be utilizing Alumni Relations, the Alumni Board representative and JBU resources. The university will support chapters by providing demographic information and services such as marketing of events, mailings and printing services when needed, and listing on the JBU alumni website. Individual costs for chapter events are the responsibility of the chapter members, with the exception of one annual event hosted by the university.

3. Establishing an Alumni Network Chapter
The process is simple.  Implementing is where the commitment and energy come in! Interested alumni should complete the following membership application by contacting JBU Alumni Director, who will then connect the Alumni Board representative.


Appendix 5. JOHN BROWN UNIVERSITY Alumni Relations: Alumni Network Chapter Membership Application

Click here for application form (Word document).


Appendix 6. JOHN BROWN UNIVERSITY Alumni Relations: Alumni Network Chapter Checklist

  • Alumni decide to establish an Alumni Network Chapter
  • Core leaders and their roles are defined and expectations outlined 
  • Application is completed and mailed as directed or completed on-line and sent to:
  • Once accepted, key contact person is designated as the liaison between the chapter and Alumni Director/Alumni Board
  • Leadership discusses chapter plans-how to reconnect with area alumni, what type of events they think would be of interest, and the best way to kick off a chapter.
  • Resources and tools available to plan and implement an alumni chapter include:
    • Alumni data-class year, location within a 50-100 mile radius, current addresses & emails, alumni who are also parents of a current JBU student, and majors, professions, and organizations affiliations represented.
    • Technology-alumni presentations, admissions DVD’s, homecoming videos/CD’s, archive photography, web site representation
    • Marketing/Communication-alumni web site, e-newsletters, event ads in alumni publications, posters, bulletin inserts, brochures
    • Mailing and printing-postage, printing and mail service cost will be handled through Alumni Relations. This includes postcards, announcements, invitations, as well as letters or notes the chapter sends.
  • Event time line:
    • Approval for event should be obtained from the Alumni Board representative a minimum of three months prior to the event
    • First event should be scheduled within four months of establishing a chapter
    • “Save the Date” announcement is mailed two months prior to the event
    • Follow up announcements can appear in alumni e-news, publications, and the web site
    • Invitation with event details is mailed no later than one month prior to the event
    • Follow up phone call is made two weeks prior to the event
  • Event implementation will vary by event but key elements may include:
    • Coordinator arrives no later than one hour prior to event to set up
    • Designated hosts prepare event table for nametags, collecting any fees, and welcomes guests
    • Directional signage is placed if needed
    • Get ready to have a great time!

    REMEMBER-Every event represents JBU-our heritage, our mission, and our common experiences.  Accept nothing less than excellence in whatever you do together as an Alumni Network Chapter.


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