About Alumni Association

The Alumni Association reconnects alums with the university and with one another, and provides opportunities for educational, professional, spiritual and social development. These opportunities are organized, publicized and implemented by the Alumni Office in collaboration with the Alumni Board. 


Our Staff

Brad Edwards '02
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

Jenna-Clare Allen '02
Coordinator of Alumni and Parent Relations

Kathryn Cottrell '99
Administrative Assistant
Alumni and Parent Relations



Phone: 1-888-JBU-ALUM (toll-free)
Fax: 1.479.524.9548
E-mail: alumni@jbu.edu


Alumni Board

Alumni Board is a group of alumni volunteers who serve JBU by advising the university, helping to develop alumni activities, and acting as a liaison between the university and the alumni. Learn more about the Constitution and Bylaws. If you would like to join the Alumni Board, please fill out an application.



Rob Sorbo '07 & '09

Springfield, MO
Phone: (417) 619-2897
Email: robsorbo@gmail.com

President Elect
Lawson Hembree '11

Little Rock, AR
Phone: (479) 462-2620
Email: lawsonhembree@gmail.com

Julie Wallace ' 94

Kansas, OK
Phone: (918) 597-2447
Email: hanausweetie@oal.com


Bill Bond '70
Oklahoma City, OK
Phone: (405) 613-8522
Email: finnslr@sbcglobal.net

Chris Hembree '14
Little Rock, AR
Phone: (479) 650-0628
Email: chrishembree@gmail.com

Denny McClain '70
Kansas City, MO
Phone:  (816) 454-4230
Email: sdcmcclain@juno.com 


Bill Brown '65
San Jose, CA
Phone: (408) 445-0947
Email: bbrown5467@sbcglobal.net

Mary (Byrne) Kline '70
Orlando, FL
Phone: (407) 281-4667
Email: buttonk4@gmail.com

Marjorie Nantz '70
Las Vegas, NV
Phone: (702) 253-9233


Hollie Gumm ' 94
Fayetteville, AR
Phone: (501) 259-1256
Email: thegummfamily@yahoo.com

Christy Lehew '93
Arlington, TX
Phone: (817) 946-7223
Email: Lehewcrew@gmail.com

Rachel Walker '06
Siloam Springs, AR
Phone: (816) 590-3399
Email: r.elisabethwalker@gmail.com