If I experience delays in my travel, who can I contact at JBU to inform about the changes? 

Mr. Don Crandall

Office: 479-524-7150
Cell: 479-957-7470  

Mrs. Emily Burney
Office: 479-524-7454 
Cell: 918-284-0299

How does transportation to and from the event work?

For arrivals:
  • Tulsa International Airport (TUL) – Our team will help those who fly into the Tulsa airport to coordinate and drive to the workshop together. We will be asking for a volunteer from among the attendees flying into Tulsa to rent a vehicle and drive the group to JBU’s campus in Siloam Springs (approximately 1 hr. 15 minutes). The vehicle cost will be reimbursed by JBU.
  • Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) – JBU staff will be transporting those who arrive at XNA to JBU’s campus in Siloam Springs, AR (approximately a 45 minutes).
For departures:

Attendees will return to each airport in the same fashion that they arrived, unless special arrangements need to be made. Please contact Emily Burney at if you need special transportation arrangements.

How does transportation while we are at the event work?

Transportation for all attendees to each location on the workshop schedule will be provided by JBU. Staff members will pick you up in JBU vehicles to transport you to campus each day. 

*If you plan to bring and use your own/rented vehicle to use during the workshop, please let us know, so we can account for vehicle space.

Where do we stay during the NACCAP Workshop? 

We have reserved rooms for each attendee at the Hampton Inn in Siloam Springs. You can visit their website here for more information. The JBU staff will work with the Hampton to assign individual rooms and you will check in with the hotel staff once you arrive. If you wish to share a room with a particular attendee, please let us know ahead of time.

What should we wear during the workshop? 

During the workshop, we encourage business casual attire (emphasis on casual) with appropriate shoes for walking around campus. Although the weather can vary greatly, the typical weather in Northwest Arkansas in mid-February is sunny in the 40s-50s. Dressing in layers is encouraged.

Tell me more about the Wooden Spoon dinner. 

On Thursday evening of the workshop, the group will be dining at a local favorite, the Wooden Spoon in Gentry, AR (15 minute drive from campus). In particular, they are known for their delicious pie desserts! You can view their website here. Since we will have such a large group, your dinner and dessert options will need to be submitted in advance and will be selected from a limited list. This list will be sent out for selection to you through email as the event approaches.

How do I get reimbursed for my travel expenses to the event? 

JBU will reimburse any travel expenses incurred for your travel to and from the workshop on our campus in Siloam Springs. This includes mileage or flight expenses, and toll road charges. In order for us to process a reimbursement, you must submit a completed W-9 form to Emily Burney. If you need an electronic W-9 form, please request one from Emily Burney at

For flight expenses, please send all flight related receipts to for reimbursement. For mileage expenses, please send either 1) your starting and ending mileage before and after the workshop, or 2) you total mileage driven to and from the event to for reimbursement.

All reimbursements will begin being submitted once the workshop has ended on Friday afternoon. Once we submit a reimbursement, know that it could take up to one month receive the reimbursement in the mail.