International Financial Aid

Financing Your Education

JBU does not offer full-tuition or full-ride scholarships for International Students.

Scholarships opportunities for international students

International Student Scholarship

JBU offers the International Student Scholarship which ranges from $3,000 to $14,000 per year and is based on financial need. Upon applying, undergraduate students who have financial need will be considered for this scholarship. Academics and student commitment to JBU's mission are also taken into consideration when awarding. There is no separate application for this scholarship. By completing the International Application process (including the International Student Financial Information Form), you have applied for this scholarship.

March 15 application deadline: JBU awards the top scholarships by April 1 so all students interested in the international student scholarship must apply by March 15. JBU has a limited amount of funding for international students, so after April 1, students are awarded based on remaining funds. 

International Work-Study Program

The work-study program is an on-campus job in which students work 7 hours per week and can earn up to $2,000 per year. Work-study is awarded based on financial need.

Athletic scholarships:

Financing your education at John Brown University:

What is the cost to attend for international students?

See our Costs page.

What are the additional costs to attending JBU (in addition to tuition, room, and board)?
  • $225 International and JBU Freshman Orientation Fee (one-time fee)
  • $200 SEVIS fee
  • $1,300 (approximate) medical insurance fee
  • $600-$800/yr. textbook estimate
  • Travel expenses to and from JBU

Paying for JBU

Most International JBU students are paying their own way or are receiving substantial sponsorships from family members, organizations, or churches. 

Outside scholarships for International students

There are a limited number of outside scholarships for International students to attend university in the United States. Here is a list of some websites to explore for outside (non-JBU) scholarships: