James Cooke

Counselor for Engineering & Construction Management Students

Call & Text: 479.310.0734

Toll Free: 1.877.528.4636

Email: James@jbu.edu

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Where are you from? Arizona for most of my life, and most recently, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Major in college? History

What student activities were you involved with? I think I did as much as I possibly could during my time at JBU. I was involved with the student yearbook, student newspaper, the debate team, a campus chapter of the International Justice Mission, and the Honors Program. I was also an RA and on the Student Ministries Leadership Team.

Why are you working at JBU? I loved every minute of my time in college and didn't want to leave. So, I went to graduate school and that still wasn't enough. I love working on a college campus and I also love connective prospective students with our campus.

What are your favorite things to do in NWA? Grabbing coffee at one of our local coffee shops, finding good yard sales, hiking, camping, and watching a good sunset.

Favorite books? That’s a hard question, I haven’t met many books I didn’t like! A few books that I absolutely love are: A resilient Life by Gordon MacDonald, the Harry Potter series, anything by C.S. Lewis and anything by Tim Keller. Of course, anything history related is up there too!

Favorite movies? Hmm, a few of my all-time favorites are: Amazing Grace, Lincoln, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Jason Bourne trilogy.

Phrase that describes you? "You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

Describe your family: I grew up in a family of architects, engineers, and teachers. My dad is a licensed architect and I’ve worked for him as an assistant draftsman. His father (my grandpa) was a petroleum engineer. My younger brother is currently studying civil engineering. Two of my aunts are teachers, my grandmother was a teacher, and my mom homeschooled my brother and I.

What quick advice would you give an incoming JBU student? Make the most of your time here! There are tons of great opportunities open to you and plenty of great people to meet. JBU is an awesome place to be, I made great friends when I was a student here, learned a ton, and grew spiritually.

Travel Schedule:

September 12

Fayetteville High School Fair


September 15

NWA Classical Academy Visit


September 18

Prestonwood NACCAP fair in DFW


September 19

Houston NACCAP fair in Houston


October 16-19



October 17

Keller High School


October 18

Williams Preparatory Academy


November 1–3

Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins


November 1

Colorado Academy


November 2

Engineering & CM Alumni Panel, South Denver, CO

The panel will discuss careers in both fields and also their experience in the programs at JBU. RSVP to me if you’d like to attend!


November 8

Don Tyson School of Innovation, Springdale AR

JBU Fellowship Reception, Lowell AR



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