Christa Blackstone

Counselor for WI, IL, MO, and International

Phone: 479.524.7262 / Toll Free - 1.877.528.4636

Cell/Text: 479.310.0738


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Where are you from? I moved around a lot growing up, living overseas for ten years in  Egypt, the Netherlands, and Germany. I also lived in Kansas, South Carolina, and finally Virginia for 3 years before coming to JBU….so I usually just tell people I’m from Virginia.

Major in college? Biology

Why are you working at JBU?
 I feel so incredibly blessed to have gone to JBU for four years.  The Lord is definitely at work in the lives of people here and He’s using JBU to further His Kingdom; I want to be a part of that.

What are your favorite things to do in NWA? Hiking and exploring at nearby national  parks. Running on the country roads behind JBU. Cooking with friends. Playing Settlers of Catan. Scheming up pranks.  Swing dancing in Siloam Springs.

What's one word or phrase that describes you? People called me “sweet” in high school because I was quiet….JBU helped me come out of my shell.

What are some movies you enjoy? I’m not a big movie-goer but I like The King’s Speech, Cool Runnings, and Mission Impossible/Ocean’s 11-type movies (the movies that make you think with lots of twists). Kind of a random collection of movies.

Describe your family: My husband and I live in Springdale while the rest of my family lives in Northern Virginia/DC. I’m an MK (well, I like to think that I am :). I’m really a Military Kid (not a Missionary Kid) because my father was in the army. I think that moving brought my family really close together. My 2 sisters became my best friends when we moved to a new place.

What quick advice would you give an incoming JBU student? Be bold in initiating community; don’t wait for community to come to you. And then be willing to be vulnerable in community.


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