How Do I Find My Future College Roommate?

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Monday, April 6, 2015

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This time of year, the question starting in every high school Senior’s mind is, “How am I going to find The One?

We’re not talking future spouse, we’re talking future roommate.

It’s scary, I know. I remember being that age and more anxious about that aspect of my future college career than anything else.

This is the person you’re going to come “home” to in the evenings, the one who’s going to throw things at you when you press the snooze button 6 times in a row, the one who’s going to be there when your relationship ends, when your dog dies, when you get sick.

This is the person who will be your partner in crime for dorm pranks, for weekend adventures, for all night talks and all night study parties. 

It’s a big commitment.

Where to even start?

Personally, I met my roommate in the vaccinations line of an early registration event at my university. I made a snarky comment about shots being quite the welcome to college, she laughed, and forty-five seconds later, we had decided to room with one another. We’re friends to this day.

Early registration is an awesome opportunity to get connected with other incoming freshmen. It’s handy, too, because so many of them are just like you and searching for their One.

If waiting till a few months before school starts makes you nervous, there are certainly other ways to be on the lookout.

Check with your admissions counselor at your school. More than likely, there is a Facebook group set up for your incoming class at that university. Facebook can be an ideal way to network yourself and make friends. You might even find someone headed to your university from the same area as you. Meet up for coffee! If you hit it off, you might even pop the question right then and there.

Many universities, I know John Brown University does, host receptions in areas all over the states for students interested in them. Coming to those receptions and meeting other families can help you make friends and build relationships.

Another huge way to get acquainted with future university goers is to attend that school’s student visit weekends. Meet people from all over and spend a couple days experiencing campus life with them. Get out of your comfort zone and get connected.

If you like living on the edge, go Pot Luck. Your admissions counselor will review a housing survey that you’ll fill out and pair you with someone they think you’ll love.

It’ll take a little bit of courage, a little bit of luck, and a step outside your box, but finding the perfect roommate for you may just be a few steps (or clicks or miles) away.

JBU Admissions Counselor: Texas and Siloam Springs

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