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Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor Description and Requirements

Leadership Minor

Designed to be cross-disciplinary in its approach, well-grounded in
academic thought and practical in its application, the leadership studies minor is also
uniquely created to coordinate seamlessly with LSI. The two courses required for LSI (noted below) also
meet the core requirements for the minor. The minor covers the discipline of
leadership at its core, its competencies and its specific academic and professional
Requirements for minor
The student must successfully complete a minimum of 19 hours.

Required courses-10 hours:

  • LDR 2552 Service Learning
  • LDR 2563 Leadership Competencies (required for LSI students)
  • LDR 3563 Organizational Leadership
  • LDR 3652 Leader Scholars Institute Capstone Practicum (required for LSI students)

Nine hours from among the following electives:

  • BUS 3153 Applied Business Ethics
  • CMN 3213 Camp Leadership and Management
  • COM 2523 Public Speaking
  • COM 3433 Persuasive Communication
  • COM 3453 Social Movements
  • EN 4403 Engineering Management
  • HST 3423 Leaders in History
  • ICS 4133 Intercultural Leadership Skills
  • LDR 1511-41 Leadership Colloquium
  • LDR 2121 Student Leadership
  • LDR 2991/92/93 Entrepreneurship in Action (ENACTUS)
  • LDR 3313 Student Mentoring Strategies and Experience
  • MGT 3513 Human Resource Management
  • POL 3143 The American Presidency
  • PSY 3423 Social Psychology
  • RPH 4423 Ethics
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