The Four Years

About Each Year

Year OneStudents at LSI Event-The Ascent

DISCOVER // year one
Explore and present new concepts of leadership on your own through an investigative project about leadership.
Identify your strengths, personality and style as applied to leadership.
Build community and relationships.

Signature events:

  • The Ascent: introduction to program, team challenges
  • LSI First Year Retreat: independent projects, class bonding and unity through fun events and a weekend retreat
  • Creating Change Project: explore personal strengths and style, work with a team

Year TwoLSI Second Year Students

DEVELOP // year two
Sharpen your leadership skills by active engagement in LDR 2563: Leadership Competencies (fall).
Develop a personal mission statement and explore its transformative influence.

Signature events:

  • The Summit: developing a personal vision
  •  LDR 2563 Leadership Competencies: academic course exploring the five competencies of leader
  • Mission Possible: developing a personal mission statement

Year ThreeThird Year Students at Event

DO // year three
Create, implement and evaluate a self-directed leadership project through LDR 3651-3: LSI Capstone Practicum (fall or spring).
Apply your leadership in the community.

Signature events:

  • LDR 3651-3 LSI Capstone Practicum: independent project designed to create something new or change something that already exists
  • Doing and Connecting: share a meal with your class to foster support in the midst of your practicum

Year FourSenior LSI Students At Event

DEPLOY // year four
Prepare for a lifetime of leadership beyond JBU by hearing from community leaders.
Cultivate your concept of personal legacy.

Signature events:

  • ExtraOrdinary Leadership: learn how to live out leadership in everyday life
  • The Last Lecture: deliver your own farewell lecture to an audience of  your choosing
  • Greystone Legacy Finale: celebrate a new beginning with your class and receive LSI Honors for graduation
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