Broaden Journal Submission Guidelines

Submitting Manuscripts & Projects

Broaden - The John Brown University Undergraduate Journal

Broaden: The John Brown University Undergraduate Journal solicits manuscripts and projects completed by undergraduate students at John Brown University. Submissions may include research projects, theoretical and review papers, visual or musical projects, or any original work created for a class in which the author or creator was enrolled while an undergraduate student at John Brown University.

1. The author must have been a student in a credit-bearing undergraduate class or independent study course at John Brown University at the time the project was completed. The author does not have to be an undergraduate student at JBU at the time of submission or publication.

2. A John Brown University faculty member must sponsor the submission.

3. Manuscripts should be formatted in accordance with the manuscript style of the relevant academic discipline. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as an attachment in Rich Text Format (rtf) in 12 point Times New Roman font. The use of embedded hyperlinks to references available online is encouraged.

4. All works must be submitted as an e-mail attachment in a format suitable for online presentation and they will be published in the format in which they are submitted.

5. The review process will be completed during the course of the Fall and Spring semesters by the journal's student editorial board in consultation with the faculty advisors. The review process is likely to require the author of the work to make at least some minor revisions over the course of the semester. Revisions need to be made and re-submitted in a timely way in order to ensure full consideration for publication.

6. Works must be initially submitted by October 15th for the Fall publication and March 1st for the Spring publication to be considered for publication in the volume of the journal to be published at the end of that semester. They can be submitted at any time of the year for consideration for publication in the next volume of the journal.

7. The journal is freely available online on the John Brown University website in a format that can be openly accessed by employers, graduate schools, family and friends and others at

8. Submissions should be e-mailed as an attachment to: When submitting a work, include the following statement in your e-mail message: "I, [your name] give permission to have the attached work considered for publication in Broaden: The John Brown University Undergraduate Journal. I give permission to the journal to make my work freely available on the internet. However, I understand that I will retain the copyright to this work."

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