2009 Broaden Journal Contents

Division Projects

Broaden - The John Brown University Undergraduate Journal

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Communication and Fine Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences


Eva Fast, Jordan Thomas, Bo Brandt, Jacob Little

Business Plan -


James Smith, Carine Netto, Emily Hornok, Matt Nye - Prize Winner

Business Plan -
Creatively Mine 


Communication and Fine Arts


Kyle Mathis - Prize Winner

Mixed Media -
Color Rising in the East (jpg image)


Kelly Neighbors

Mixed Media -
Chips? (jpg image)


Diana Parsons

Animation/Modeling -
Sailboat (jpg image)

Maleka (jpg image)


Beka Ruiz

Oil Painting -
Man with Pipe (jpg image)

Mixed Media -
Reason Man (jpg image)


John Sebesta

Photography -
Tormented Tree (jpg image)

Shaken, Not Stirred (jpg image)

Turbulence (jpg image)




Humanities and Social Sciences



Laura Klemm

Essay -
Dark Pursuits 


Kendra Mullison

Essay -
The Common Folk 


Melanie Pierce - Prize Winner

Fiction -
Hair Cuts and Fly Traps 





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