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Division Projects

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Biblical Studies
Communication anf Fine Arts
Humanities and Social Sciences


biblical studies


Christa Adams

Children's Curriculum -
Nehemiah: The Good Hand of God 



Melissa Zabka

Scholarly Essay -
Capping Pharmaceuticals: Financial Limitations 



Marcus Naramore, Yaribeth Pacheco, Maria Jose Valencia, John Williams, Micah Williams

Business Plan -
Enterra: Style from the Ground up 



Emily Caneday

Poster Design -
A Social Awareness Poster

Graphic Design -
Song Lyrics 


Ben Congdon

Ink Pen Drawing -

Charcoal Drawing -


Jesse DeFriese

Painting -
Teacup (jpg image file)


Justin Eddy

Corporate Identity System -
Corp ID

Magazine Spread -
Rebuilding the Soul of Design 


Brandon Hix

3D Model -
Honda Civic 


Jamie Raymer

Photography -
Children (jpg image file)


John Sebesta

Photography -
Unexpected Beauty (jpg image file)


Jameson Sheppard

Advertisement Design -
Burton Ad (jpg image file)



Matthew Smith

Photography -

Gollinger Fal (jpg image file)

Neuschwanstein (jpg image file)

Hallstattsee Nord (jpg image file)



Caleb Barnet

Scholarly Essay -
The Spread and Appeal of Arianism 






Jacob Little

Scholarly Essay -
The Fall of the Roman Empire 




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