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Gateway Student Mentors

Every fall, most Gateway professors have a sophomore to senior student serve as a Gateway Student Mentor for their Gateway Seminar. This educational leadership opportunity is open to students who have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Gateway Student Mentors play an important role in the Gateway Seminar Course and in the experience of first-year students. As upper-class students who have successfully transitioned to college, Gateway Student Mentors should model a love for learning and also genuine care for first-year students. They should also encourage, explain, engage, and help empower first-year students.

Student Mentor Qualifications

  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must be in good standing with the JBU community
  • Must have a love for learning and model this for others
  • Must be caring, servant-hearted, friendly, teachable, flexible, and responsible

Student Mentor Responsibilities

The purpose of a Gateway Student Mentor is not to serve as a work study or T.A. for the professor. Rather, the Gateway Student Mentor should help maximize the contact between students and their instructors and provide more educational contact and accountability to first-year students. In addition to attending the Gateway Seminar class sessions, the student mentor will spend, on average, approximately three hours per week on activities such as:

  • Encouraging, assisting, and befriending students in their transition to JBU.
  • Meeting with the students individually to discuss concepts such as transition to college, life advising, Gateway course concepts, StrengthsQuest, assignments, etc.
  • Keeping students informed about events happening on campus.
  • Leading small group discussions in class and contributing to class discussions.
  • Meeting with students individually to ensure that they have an academic advisor and that they are prepared for registration.
  • Serving as a conduit for student feedback to the Gateway instructor.
  • Teaching a class lesson.
  • Leading study/review sessions on Gateway class material.
  • Assisting the professor with course-related events such as field trips, educational events, or visits to the professor’s home.

Serving as a Gateway Student Mentor is both an educational and leadership experience. Because of this, Gateway Student Mentors receive three credit hours for their work (LDR 3313 or LDR 3383)—two credit hours from their practicum work as a Gateway Student Mentor and the remaining one credit hour from a seminar. Returning Gateway Student Mentors who have already taken LDR 3313 or LDR 3383 can take LDR 3312 or LDR 3382, a two-credit hour version of the course. LDR 3383 and LDR 3382 allow students in the Honors Scholars Program to receive honors credit.

Gateway Student Mentor Applications

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