Criminal Justice Academy

June 13-17, 2022

At JBU’s Criminal Justice Academy, you will have the opportunity to explore criminal justice in exciting and hands-on ways.  Learn about career paths in criminal justice.  Be part of a student CSI team and learn about crime scene investigation, not just by listening to a lecture, but by investigating of a mock crime scene on campus.  Draw your conclusions and make your report regarding what your investigation revealed.  Visit a working police station and get your fingerprints taken.  Listen while professional FBI agents make a presentation about what it’s like to be an FBI agent and answer your questions.  Visit a jail and see what it’s like to work for the department of corrections.  And speak to a sitting judge and prosecutor to learn what the criminal justice system is like from their perspectives.  Enjoy group activities, build relationships, grow spiritually, and have fun!

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What's the cost?

Will your student spend all summer cooped up inside? When the time comes to choose a major, will they know what to do? This is a unique opportunity to engage their creative skills and make choosing a major easier. Plus, you'll have the house to yourself for the week.

Registration cost: $400
Includes meals, field trips and project materials

Housing cost: $85

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Contact Lauren Huffman at or 479.524.7423 with any questions!