Computer Science Summer Academy

July 27-31 , 2020

Join us for a fun one week of coding! This year, JBU’s Summer Computer Science Academy will focus on making a game that you would enjoy. There is no prior experience required to participate in this summer academy, and we will use Unity to make a game(s) that would run on smartphones or PC. In the evenings, you will enjoy the Christian fellowship with the current JBU CS students and fellow campers from many places in the US. Join us and see how you can grow both academically and spiritually in a Christian community!


What's the cost?

Will your student spend all summer cooped up inside? When the time comes to choose a major, will they know what to do? This is a unique opportunity to engage their creative skills and make choosing a major easier. Plus, you'll have the house to yourself for the week.

Registration cost: $400
Includes meals, field trips and project materials

Housing cost: $83.00



Contact Lauren Huffman at or 479.524.7423 with any questions!