Computer Science Summer Academy

June 13-17, 2022

JBU’s Computer Science Summer Camp is going to be a great time to explore the BIG world of Software/Applications. Here you will learn how ‘0’s & ‘1’s operate the entire computer world as well as foundations of programming languages like C++, Python, HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. You will have fun creating your own software applications, profile pictures and videos, and your own website that will be hosted in the cloud, so you can share it with the world. You will also learn how Christian values can help you work in teams, and enjoy evening activities and field trips with other students. Join the BIG (data/application) world by making a mark in CS, take a Spiritual walk with new friends and enjoy!


What's the cost?

Will your student spend all summer cooped up inside? When the time comes to choose a major, will they know what to do? This is a unique opportunity to engage their creative skills and make choosing a major easier. Plus, you'll have the house to yourself for the week.

Registration cost: $400
Includes meals, field trips and project materials

Housing cost: $85


To pay the $100 deposit please click here. 

Contact Lauren Huffman at or 479.524.7423 with any questions!