Bible (BBL) Courses

BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey
                                                                               Three hours

A brief introduction to the history and message of the Old Testament. A general survey of the overall content of each book and certain significant themes stressing relevance to Christian living.


BBL 1023 New Testament Survey                                                                             Three hours

An introduction to the history and message of the New Testament. The class provides an academic overview of each book, its context and significant themes, with challenges and applications to Christian faith and discipleship.


BBL 3003 Evangelical Theology                                                                               Three hours

Evangelical Theology is a study of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith, including Scripture, the triune God, salvation, the Church, creation, and the eternal Kingdom. The unity of divine revelation and the contemporary applicability of the Scriptures are emphasized. By studying the method of theological formation, students should be able to discern primary and secondary theological concepts and apply them properly to their personal lives as well as to their involvement in the Church and the world. Prerequisites: BBL 1013 and BBL 1023 or equivalents.


Business (BUS) Courses

BUS 1123 Business Communications
                                                                      Three hours

Development of professional communication skills, both written and oral, in business. Includes mechanics, techniques, and psychological principles of effective business communications with emphasis on contemporary communication technologies. Prerequisite: EGL 1013.


Christian Ministry (CMN) Courses


CMN 1213 Christian Leadership and Service                                                            Three hours

This course introduces God's Kingdom concerns and the students' role in His plan (Kingdom) by studying the biblical concepts of leadership and cultural engagement. Students will also evaluate how God might be calling them to serve and integrate their faith with their vocation.


CMN 2263 Discipleship and Evagelism                                                                    Three hours

A consideration of the biblical and practical application of discipleship and evangelism. The social, cultural, community, and ontological ramifications of discipleship and evangelism are considered, as well as a critique of current issues, worldview, and the needs of the 21st-century world. Prerequisites: BBL 1013 and BBL 1023.


CMN 4614 Internship in Christian Ministry                                                                Three hours

Participation in an approved and supervised local or international ministry activity. Credit is available only to majors and minors within the Division of Biblical Studies. Credit for the international ministry activity must meet the Global Studies Elective requirement in the Core Curriculum, with instructor approval. May be repeated for credit as needed to fulfill necessary requirements. Grading: 'S' or 'U'.


Communication (COM) Courses


COM 3453 Social Movements                                                                                   Three hours

A survey of social movements and the rhetorical strategies used to further those causes, including analysis of Abolition, Suffrage, Civil Rights, and other significant events.


COM 4373 Online Advocacy                                                                                      Three hours

Online advocacy is a survey of the Internet use and the tools it provides to promote an issue, candidate, or organizational brand. This advocacy is demonstrated through a number of different formats and strategies and commonly includes the use of dedicated social networking sites.


Core Curriculum (COR) Courses


COR 1002 Gateway Seminar                                                                                     Three hours

The Gateway Seminar is an introduction to the purpose and method of Christian higher education and the distinctive mission of John Brown University, the communal intellectual life, and the application of a Christian worldview through exploration of a particular topic. This course also supports students in their transition to JBU. Must be taken during the student's first semester at JBU.


English (EGL) Courses


EGL 1013 English I: Composition                                                                               Three hours

An introduction to and practice in college writing in all its variety: from personal reflections to arguments and research-supported writing. A total of twenty pages of writing is required, including a short research paper.


EGL 1023 English II: Literary Analysis and Research                                               Three hours

An introduction to the analysis of literary texts through reading and researching a selection of short stories, poems, dramas, and novels. In addition to essays of analysis of such works, a research paper is required. Prerequisite: EGL 1013 (English I: Composition).


General Science (GSC) Courses


GSC 1143 Earth Science                                                                                              Three hours

Introductory survey of topics in geology, astronomy, oceanology, and meteorology. Earth materials and processes of geology are emphasized. Three hours lecture-discussion-demonstration per week. Prerequisite: minimum ACT math score of 19 or SAT math score of at least 480, or MTH 0153 or higher.


History (HST) Courses


HST 1013 Western Civilization I                                                                                 Three hours

A survey of the origins and development of Western civilization in its global context to the early Renaissance.


Kinesiology (KIN) Courses


KIN 1002 Wellness for Life                                                                                        Three hours

A practical study of fundamental health and wellness principles based upon the wellness model. Personal applications to the lifestyle of the individual that address Christian stewardship of their health and well-being are emphasized. Meets the Wellness requirement of the Core Curriculum.


Psychology (PSY) Courses


PSY 1013 Introductory Psychology                                                                            Three hours

The scientific study of human behavior and mental processes including the brain and behavior, consciousness, learning and memory, development, sociocultural processes, emotions, stress and health responses, psychopathology, and treatment methods in psychological science. Students are introduced to theory, research, and practice as the foundations of modern psychology. Meets the Social Science requirement of the Core Curriculum.


PSY 2233 Theories of Counseling                                                                            Three hours

A study of major counseling theories. Includes dynamic, existential, humanistic, gestalt, cognitive-behavioral, reality, and family systems theories of counseling and the most useful strategies from each. For the beginning student of counseling. Prerequisite: PSY 1013.


PSY 2383 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences                                                           Three hours

A study of the essential statistical techniques needed to analyze experimental data and understand current research publications with applications in the social and behavioral sciences. Topics include graphing, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and hypothesis testing (using correlation, regression, t-tests, ANOVA, and chi square). Extensive use of statistical software for both calculation and enhancing conceptual understanding and critical thinking. Meets the Mathematics requirement of the Core Curriculum. Prerequisites: PSY 1013 and either an ACT Math score of at least 19, or a minimum SAT score of 480, or MTH 0153.


PSY 3423 Social Psychology                                                                                      Three hours

An investigation of how the behavior, feelings and thoughts of an individual are influenced or determined by the behavior and characteristics of others. Topics for discussion include attraction, attitudes, aggression, persuasion, and group behavior. Prerequisite: PSY 1013.


Religion and Philosophy (RPH) Courses


RPH 3003 Introduction to Philosophy                                                                     Three hours

A survey of the main areas of philosophy, including metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of religion. Students should develop their critical reading skills, their ability to analyze difficult but rewarding philosophical texts, and their ability to advance a single, clear argument on philosophical issues. Additionally, students should become more comfortable speaking about philosophical problems and concerns, and they should know more about the relationship between the Christian faith and contemporary philosophy. Meets the Philosophy requirement of the Core Curriculum. Prerequisites: EGL 1023, and HST 1013 or HST 1023 (or Honors counterparts).



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