The JBU/Link Year student handbook is your resource for information pertaining to your JBU classes.  This includes information on paying your student account, withdrawing from JBU classes, refund policy, using the JBU Library, requesting your transcript, financial aid, and more. 

Download the 2016-2017 Link Year Student Handbook here.


Link Year | Student Handbook


Mission Statement

John Brown University provides Christ-centered education that prepares people to honor God and serve others by developing their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives.


From 1919 to this new school year of 2016-2017, John Brown University has been dedicated to excellence in Christian higher education. The founder, Dr. John E. Brown, Sr., (1879-1957) was one of America’s outstanding evangelists for over fifty years. He was an educator as well. At the age of 22, he was President of Scarritt Collegiate Institute, alma mater of Will Rogers.

As he traveled across America in his evangelistic crusades, he dreamed of a university that would evidence academic excellence (head), commitment to Christ (heart), and practical training (hand). An author and pioneer radio broadcaster, Dr. Brown had an optimism made possible by his firm conviction that this was God’s work.

In 1919, he, along with his wife and family and a few friends, gathered in the Brown’s 300-acre cornfield to dedicate the family property to the building of a school - a unique school that would impact the world.

From its modest beginning in a single frame building with 70 students, the school has grown to over 1,500 students. Today you are part of this worldwide outreach of John Brown University.



Academic Integrity

As a Christian institution of higher education, John Brown University seeks to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Violations of these standards will result in substantial penalties. Violations and their definitions are as follows:

  1. Plagiarism: Submitting as part or all of one’s own work material that is copied or paraphrased from another source, including on-line sources, without the proper acknowledgment of that source. Examples include: failing to cite a reference, failing to use quotation marks where appropriate, misrepresenting another’s work as your own, etc.
  1. Cheating: Using unauthorized material or study aids for assistance on examinations or other academic work. Examples include: looking at a peer’s exam, altering a graded exam, using notes without permission, etc.
  1. Fabrication: Submitting altered or contrived information in any academic assignment. Examples include: falsifying data, text material, or sources.
  1. Facilitating academic dishonesty: Helping another student violate this policy. Examples include: allowing one’s work to be copied, working together on an assignment where collaboration is not allowed, doing work for another student.

Instructor Action Regarding Violations of Academic Integrity

All violations of academic integrity should be reported to both the Kanakuk Link Year Director (Adam Donyes) and the Director of JBU Link Year (Matt Reddin) who will maintain a file on student offenses.

First offense: In the first case of dishonesty, the instructor will normally give the student a zero for the assignment or test on which the student has been dishonest. Instructors are free to impose more severe penalties if such penalties are announced in the course syllabus.

Second offense: A second violation of the integrity policy in the same course or in any other course will result in an F in the course.

Third offense: Any further violations of the integrity policy may result in suspension or dismissal from the JBU Link Year program.

Appeals: A student who feels that he or she has been unfairly accused or unjustly treated may appeal to the Director of the Link Year Program at John Brown University. Final appeals will be handled by an appointed committee.

Education Regarding Academic Integrity Policy

John Brown University is responsible to clearly articulate the Academic Integrity Policy to students by publishing it in the Student Handbook. Furthermore, instructors should reference the policy in their course syllabi. However, primary responsibility for knowledge of and compliance with this policy rests with the student.

Withdrawing from JBU Link Year classes

To withdraw from JBU classes at Link Year, you must contact the Assistant Director of Academic Partnerships at JBU, Lauren Huffman, at or 479.524.7423. Informing the instructor of your intent to withdraw does not constitute withdrawal. It should be noted that withdrawal has financial implications (See Adjustment of Accounts). Last day to drop a course: Fall semester, October 21, 2016; Spring semester, March 10, 2017.

Dismissal from Kanakuk Link Year

If you are dismissed from the Kanakuk Link Year program for a discipline issue, you will be removed from all JBU courses. For refund policy, see Adjustment of Accounts below.

Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services of John Brown University coordinates services needed by students who have physical, learning, emotional, and psychological/psychiatric disabilities.  If you have a documented disability, you may qualify for reasonable accommodations. However, you must be registered with this office to receive any accommodations. For further information or to discuss your individual situation, contact Mr. Kyle Ireland, Director of Student Support Services at 479.524.7400 or


The John Brown University Library is the central location for information resources supporting the research needs of the university community.  With over 300,000 items in its collections (including 25,000 periodical titles and 198,000 eBooks), the library provides materials to support the education of students on campus in Siloam Springs as well as distance students who access materials remotely.

Current information about the JBU library, links to online resources, an interlibrary loan form, MLA and APA style guides, and access to the library’s online catalog can be found at the library’s website.



Computing Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) operates a Help Desk should you have questions about accessing your JBU student account (EagleNet).

You will access your student financial account and your JBU email through EagleNet. If your assigned username and password (this was given to you at the time of registration) is not working, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 479.524.7256 or

Online Classes & Blackboard

All JBU online courses use Blackboard as the "classroom".  All course materials, assignment submissions and class interactions will occur within this learning management system. To access Blackboard you will need to log in to your JBU student account (EagleNet) using the login information provided to you during registration. If your login isn’t working, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 479.524.7256 or

For more information regarding Blackboard, including user tutorials, please visit:

 Student Accounts Services

Student Accounts Services handles the financial transactions of all university accounts, including Link Year student accounts. The Student Accounts Representative oversees the financial arrangements on student accounts. For instructions to view your student account, see the Student Account Login Instructions below. If you have questions about charges and payments, please contact:

Student Accounts Representative – Undergraduate
479.524.7113 or

If you have questions concerning financial aid, please refer to the Financial Aid section below.

Student Financial Account

Review your e-statement online through EagleNet. Charges, account details, and anticipated financial aid are shown. Please review your account regularly and make timely payments. Contact the Student Accounts Representative (see above) with any questions or concerns. Paper statements will not be mailed.

Student Account Login Instructions

Login to EagleNet using your ID and Password

Click Student Account on the Enterprise Services section to the right

View Account Activity:

-Click the Account Activity tab to view account transactions in summary or detail format

-Select a term from the drop down menu

-See the icon formula which visually displays how the term balance is calculated

-“Expand All” or any category heading to have additional detail displayed

-“Collapse All” to return to summary

Make an Online Payment:

-Click the Make Payment tab

-Select the line item or items you want to pay (check box)

-Change the “Amount to Pay” if you are paying less than the amount shown

-Select your “Payment Method” from the drop down

-Select the “Proceed to Payment” button

-You will then be prompted to enter your card or checking information

Adjustment of Accounts

Students withdrawing from a course at Link Year are entitled to a partial refund of tuition according to the following schedule

100% refund during the first week of class.

80% refund during the second week of class.

60% refund during the third week of class.

40% refund during the fourth week of class.

20% refund during the fifth week of class.

No refund after the fifth week of class.

Financial Aid

This office provides information concerning financial aid to pay for JBU classes at Link Year. Link Year students are eligible to file a FAFSA ( to determine your federal aid eligibility. JBU does not offer scholarships for Link Year; rather everyone receives a half-off tuition discount from our regular on-campus rate. If you have questions concerning your financial aid options, please contact:

Seagan Harmon, Financial Aid Specialist
479.524.7102 or

Transcript Request

Transcript requests cannot be accepted by phone. Because of Federal Privacy Laws, the requestor’s signature must accompany the request. Please review the transcript request policy and access a printable transcript request form here:

All financial obligations to John Brown University must be paid in full before JBU can release your official transcript. If you have questions regarding your account, please see the Business Office/Student Accounts section above.

Title IX

As a partner with John Brown University, Kanakuk Link Year is subject to and complies with all the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which include regulations for programmatic opportunities and harassment prevention.   As such, you can find the Title IX policy online. This policy is designed to augment, not supersede, any Kanakuk policies.

All Other Inquiries

If you have questions that cannot be answered by any of the above contacts, please refer to the Assistant Director of Academic Partnerships at JBU, Lauren Huffman, at or 479.524.7423.

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