Gap Year Programs

Earn College Credit

John Brown University is proud to partner with Kanakuk Kamps' Link Year Program to allow high school graduates taking a gap year to get college credit. While at Link Year, a student can earn several hours of credit by taking JBU online classes.

Kanakuk Link Year is a gap year program with individualized mentoring, focused discovery of spiritual gifts and identity, spiritual growth and Biblical training for college and encouragement toward world and community impact. Link Year is designed to help students to better understand themselves, others, and most importantly, God’s purpose for their lives.  Link Year is centered around a mentor-based, active-learning, service-oriented curriculum.  Students have the option to do college level work through JBU while participating in Link Year.  The JBU courses are not compulsory, but rather a convenient (and discounted!) option for Link Year students to earn some college credit without ever having to leave the Kanakuk Link Year campus! 

John Brown University does not have oversight of the Link Year program as a whole. Rather, JBU is an academic partner responsible for the JBU courses. For questions concerning Kanakuk Link Year, please visit their website. Read on for information concerning the JBU courses offered at Link Year. 


  • Courses are designed and taught by JBU faculty to ensure academic rigor.
  • Cost is only $300/credit hour!
  • Students must be admitted to JBU as a traditional undergraduate in order to be eligible for college credit.  Admission criteria:
    • 2.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and either an ACT score of 20, SAT score of 1020, or CLT score of 66. 
    • College transfers (24+ college credit hours after high school) require a 2.5 college GPA
  • Fall Application Deadline: September 1; Spring Application Deadline: January 1


How to Apply

In order to participate in the Kanakuk Link Year program, you must apply through Kanakuk first. Once a student applies to and has been accepted by Kanakuk, they can fill out the separate JBU application, found here.

Questions about JBU's partnership with Kanakuk?  Contact Lauren Huffman ( or 479-524-7423.

Link Year Student Handbook

The JBU/Link Year student handbook is your resource for information pertaining to your JBU classes.  This includes information on paying your student account, withdrawing from JBU classes, refund policy, using the JBU Library, requesting your transcript, financial aid, and more. 

Handbook (2018-19)