Interested in working as a Learning Coach? If you like to help people, can communicate well & want a job with flexible hours that pays you to review your classes, please fill out the application below and Faculty Recommendation form.

Applications are always being accepted and hiring takes place at the end of each semester for the following term. This is NOT a work study position and training is provided. Anyone with at least 30 completed semester hours and at least a 3.0 GPA can apply.

For more information see the Learning Coach Position Fact Sheet. Questions? Contact Deborah Raiees-Dana.

Brief Job Description: Learning coaches guide students in developing metacognitive self-awareness and assist them in learning effective study strategies and coping skills based on validated research. Learning coaches provide content clarification and practice for students; they do not introduce new material. While there are many similarities between a learning coach and a tutor, a tutor is generally more focused on developing content proficiency, whereas the goal of coaching is the overall academic equipping of the student. Experience is not required and training is provided.