Scholarship Recipients Thank You

A heartfelt 'thank you' from JBU scholarship recipients.

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Angela: Thank you for your support.
John: Thank you for your support.
Student 3: Thank you for your support.
Student 4: Thank you for your support.
Student 5: Thank you for your support.
Allie: Thank you for your support.
Angela: JBU is kind of like a family environment. I was able to come from a foreign country to a place where everyone just works together and helps each other out.
Student 3: I've been able to just get involved with a core group of girls who have supported me through thick and thin over the past 2 years.
John: My name is John Rutlige. I am an International Business Major. I am also studying in marketing and frankly both of them are huge. Like they're great fits for me. I have really developed in both areas. It's been incredible, the experience here.
Student 4: I have just always had a desire to do video. It's something I kind of connected with in 8th grade.
Allie: I am an Early Childhood Education major. So, a huge part of our job is just getting to have the blessed opportunity of loving on kids.
Student 5: All I can do is smile when I think that I'm actually here in America studying and playing football at a great - or soccer rather - but at a great institution. I mean, I could not ask for more.
Angela: I grew up in Thailand as a missionary kid and I got involved after graduating with a children's home called "Daughters of Ruth". It's actually a home to help children who are in danger of being pulled into the child trafficking world.
Student 3: People who are going through life together and figuring out what they are passionate about. Figuring out what God has created them to do and what their calling is and how they can use their passion to impact the kingdom for eternity.
John: International Business offers that extra aspect where I could work in import/export. I could do things in other countries.
Angela: What I hope to do with cinema in the future is return to Thailand and to help create more awareness through film.
Allie: Just realizing that worship is encompassing of so many different things. Just like our interactions with different people and just the way that we live our lives - how that can be a way to worship the Lord.
Student 4: As a Christian, doing my best.
Student 5: As a senior, it's great to invest in the younger guys and watch them grow year by year and just build relationships with them on the team is something really special and something I'll never forget.
Student 3: For me to be able to come to such a place that fosters such a great community. That's a big thank you as well.
John: Thank you. It's been such a great experience. It has prepared me so well to move on and do different things with my life.
Angela: Because of your generosity, JBU is able to challenge students to seek justice.
Student 3: Cherish relationships.
Student 4: Create beauty.
Allie: And worship God.
John: With their whole lives.

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