Senior Art Portfolio Review

Senior visual arts students present their comprehensive portfolios.

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Student 1:
It kind of plays - I love working with typography - so it kind of plays to my strengths because it is kind of saying "okay, I can do typography in almost any setting".

Student 2:
I really just get in to photography to express the person I'm taking a picture of. So I'm more of an outside observer. I don't really interact with the picture. Because a lot of photographers will take on this role of I'm part of this shoot, you know, I make your day with my photography of myself but i am more like, I'm looking at you and telling your story and trying to capture the action. So yeah, most of my photography looks like a film. It's very cinematic and has this kind of outside approach.

Student 3:
I want to share with other people. I am very passionate about sharing my passions with others.

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