"Stream of Consciousness" Gallery

Katelyn Banks talks about her installation being the first student work displayed in the new building.

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Katelyn Banks (Student) : My name is Katelyn Banks, and I am a Fine Arts student at John Brown University. I am really jealous of the freshmen coming in because they have an incredible facility. The professors approached me and asked me if it would be alright if I could do my gallery in this space and I was like "Of course! That would be amazing!" So it's just an incredible honor to be able to be the first student to have work up there. It's called "Stream of Consciousness" and it is a textual, cut-paper installation. So the exhibit itself is a forest of trees, and then a river that's made of paper that runs down and across the ground. Well, the professors are amazing. I've been working with Joel Armstrong He's been kind of my supervisor professor with this project. And so we're so fortunate to be able to have professors who are really invested in our success as students and want us to succeed, and they're willing to help us along every step of the way. So, it's...it's incredible.

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