Windgate Visual Arts East

Watch highlights from the dedication ceremony for the newly renovated visual arts building.

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Dr. Steve Beers (Vice President, Student Development):
Genesis 1:1 states "in the beginning, God created..."

Dave Andrus (Professor of Visual Arts):
It was 37 years ago that I first walked in to this building. There were five or six art majors, myself included. Since then the growth and faithful support have continued and we are now gradually more than 60 students a year. The rest of these students and all new ones that will be attracted by this awesome facility are going to be infiltrating the visual art world. That is why this building and our other building are so important.

Kaitlyn Thompson (Freshman, Digital Media Arts):
So our professors give us the heart, but with these facilities we can better equip the hand and the head. So, thank you so very much for this incredible gift.

Dr. Chip Pollard (JBU President):
The Windgate charitable foundation has gladly and graciously and generously and anonymously supported the art program at John Brown University for many years and we are deeply grateful for that support. For it has allowed us to build a department over 240 students, 8 faculty and now 2 buildings. So it is my grate privilege tonight to announce that this will not be called the "art 2 building" for the rest of eternity. Instead it will be called the Windgate Visual Arts Building East and our old building - the "old art building" - will be called Windgate Visual Arts Building West.

Charles Peer (Professor of Visual Arts):
It's a fantastic facility. We are deeply indebted to the Windgate foundation. They have been faithful supporters of the Art Department for many many years. We could not be what we are and do what we are doing now without their love and support. And the goal has always been to provide the students with an opportunity to find their voice in the visual arts. The ripple effect they are giving is immeasurable.

John E Brown III (Executive Director, Windgate Foundation):
So many wonderful people through the years have sacrificed the gift to make these facilities possible. And we have given most of our grants through the years anonymously, and that has been a strong preference of my whole board - very humble, gracious, loving, caring people. It says something about the place that you as students that this place holds in their hearts and they love John Brown University.

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